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Benefits Of Green Screen For Remote Teaching

Virtual learning is comparatively a new paradigm for many teachers. Though technology has been used widely in the past, the educational industry is still finings its way to make the most of it. Green screen can build a shared learning experience for ESL learners. It can also allow a deeper understanding of the content. ...

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Top 8 Great Movies & TV Shows for Your ESL Classes

Teachers always look for various ways to engage their classes, isn’t it? These top ESL movies and TV shows help you to make your online classroom more of a collaborative and exciting atmosphere. ...

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Improve Your Online Teacher Rating With These Tips

A TEFL course online or an EFL course online gives every minute detail on how an English teacher must prepare him/herself before conducting a class online. The student learning process is a key factor and teachers must figure out how much students are engaging themselves. ...

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Plan Your Next Journey After the First TEFL Job

There is a term that millennials often use, FOMO, that stands for Fear of Missing out. It has been observed in multiple cases that after returning home from teaching English abroad, ESL teachers miss that overall ambiance a lot. Being a TEFL teacher, your passion for teaching English to students of non-English speaking countries will definitely be overwhelming but you should always prepare for the day when you have to bid adieu to your students. ...

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Narrow Down The Student Affairs Job Search With ACT

With so many teaching English abroad jobs opportunities, finding the right EFL/ESL position on the right campus can be particularly challenging. But don’t panic! The Student Affairs department of Asian College of Teachers is here to help. ...

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TEFL Jobs: Myths Vs Reality

While googling before taking a decision, you might come across several pros and cons listed by experts about teaching English as a foreign language. TEFL jobs are not easy to get but once you crack them, do not lose your confidence based on stuff that you have read on the internet. ...

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