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Rapport Building In An ESL Classroom With Alluring Strategies

If you are a new teacher in a foreign land then things definitely are not always green for you. Regardless of how much training you had during your classroom management course, facing a new classroom is always nerve-wracking. Thus, if you find it hard to break past the substantial language barrier ad build rapport with your students, here are some great ways. ...

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EFL Recruiters vs. Independent Job Hunting - Which One Is Better?

Have you just completed your TEFL course recently? Have you selected your favourite destination already to teach as an EFL Teacher? But you are in a dilemma what process do you need to follow to land your favourite teaching job? Then explore our complete Pros and Cons guide on how to land the perfect EFL teaching job abroad. ...

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Italy's New Digital Nomad Visa

A new Italian visa for digital nomads and remote workers was signed into law on 28 March 2022. Digital nomads from outside the EU will be able to stay in Italy more easily now. Read the blog to know more! ...

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N-Grams and TEFL- Benefits and Limitations in a Classroom

With the world becoming a global village and the trend of globalization reaching its peaks, English has become the official communication language. However, learning English can sometimes be dull and repetitive. Hence, we bring you some creative ways in which you can make use of your online TESOL diploma courses to make TEFL learning compulsive and engrossing. ...

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How To Prepare For Life After TEFL?

However, every phase has a final line, and once you reach that you begin from the scratch. That is the law of nature and unfortunately, there is no alternative available for this invincible phenomenon. Once your TEFL contract ends, you start packing your bags, and the airplane is waiting for you to take you back to your home country. ...

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