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The Changing Role of the English Teacher

Language is a subject to continual change and these changes have affected both the prospects and the challenges of ESL teaching and skills needed to prepare for an ESL teaching career. Know more through the blog! ...

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Teaching English in Germany: A Complete Guide

Teaching English in Germany is a lucrative career option for the skilled and professional ESL/EFL teachers. The country has a very well-established educational system too along with the mesmerizing landscapes. Read more to know! ...

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5 Awesome TEFL Internships Programs For 2021

TEFL internship is a good career fit for inexperienced ESL teachers who are seeking further support and work experience. Internships deliver a completely organized job-experience that can be really helpful for starting off your EFL/ESL teaching career. ...

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How to Get Visas For Teaching English Overseas?

In order to work legitimately in most countries, a work visa is essential. A visa is a travel document attained from your destination country. This legally allows you to live and work there. Read the blog to find out more! ...

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