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Breaking the Misconceptions About Non-Native English Teachers

There is a lack of substance to support the statement that native English speakers are better teachers, till now the myths about non-native speakers are prevailing. As a consequence, potential non-native teachers who are already 21st century framework based TEFL/TESOL certified, are over and over again confronted by ESL job posts that are only for the native ones. The write-up tries to unfold some of the common myths of non-native ESL teachers from the perspective of global dynamics and changing ...

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Can You Teach English Online With No Degree? YES, You Can!

While most of the English-teaching companies need their teachers to have a degree (any kind!), luckily there are still a companies out there who don’t need that. With appropriate qualifications like TEFL certification courses online, you can absolutely teach English online without a degree! ...

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How to Make Your Teaching English UK Rock with Google Classroom?

The UK is one of the overlooked destinations to teach English as a foreign language with growth in different European immigrants. There is a need for English teachers and by keeping the current situation in mind, with the help of 21st century teaching tool - Google classroom, ESL teachers can teach their students so that the current crisis does not affect their studies as well as career. ...

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