Evaluation is most important in any good course and Asian College of Teachers is not an exception. The assignments in the courses are evaluated by our trainers with utmost dedications. ACT does not believe in gradations or marks but our tutors make sure that the candidates learn most from the course. The evaluations of the assignments help the students understand if they are on the right track. Our tutors are here to correct if the candidates make any mistake in their assignment. The candidates can be asked to re- do an assignment if they are unable to meet up to the standards.

The evaluated assignments are sent back to the students with added comments. For the online students, our coordinator will send the assignments via e-mail. In case of distance students, once the assignments are evaluated it will be sent back by post or courier. The candidates will only be certified once all the assignments of the course are evaluated by our tutor.

The evaluation of the assignment of the TESOL course is done by our qualified and experienced trainers. If there are any questions regarding the evaluated assignments the teachers can always sent a mail, clarify on chat or just give us a call.

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