• What is TEFL / TESOL Course?

    TEFL /TESOL courses offer an opportunity to enter a recession proof career for people with all kind of backgrounds. TESOL teacher training is a growing profession and there is an expanding demand for TESOL teachers.

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  • Is TEFL certificate absolutely necessary to teach English?

    Schools in some parts of the world take English teachers without any TEFL Certificate but it is becoming mandatory in most of the countries. If the teachers have a TEFL or TESOL certificate they have a chance of getting jobs in better schools with good salary.

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  • Where can I teach after I get this certificate?

    With an accredited TEFL certificate, you can choose to teach in almost all locations around the globe. The teachers have to teach both school students and business executives. The highest demand of ESL teachers is in Korea, Japan, China, India, Middle East and Thailand.

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Welcome to TEFL Courses India, TESOL Courses India

What is TEFL Course?

TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as Foreign Language'. The close keen of TEFL is TESOL, which means 'Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages'. TEFL and TESOL are synonymous terms. It is an international program of Training for teachers where the teachers are given inputs on the latest advancements and advents in the field of education.

Benefits of TEFL TESOL Certification

  • The one most important benefit of TEFL is the chance to earn and travel.
  • The most attractive TEFL benefit is the freedom and ability to work overseas.

Why should you do this course?

TEFL course is a mandatory course for teachers who want to teach English in various parts of the world. It is ideal for teachers who are already in this profession and also for teachers who are willing to explore the wide range of teaching jobs spread out around the globe and they can easily do the online TEFL course from the luxury of their homes. If teaching is your passion, this international course for teachers would indeed help you in gearing up your skills. Asian College of Teachers is a revered institute and TEFL is its imperative product. The TEFL Certificate awarded by us, is accepted globally, and is accredited and acknowledged by some of the most premium academic bodies. TEFL Certification India also has a lot of value and helps its learners get English teaching jobs in language institutes, educational institutes and corporate houses in India. The online and distance mode of TESOL provides this advantage at your own convenience taking in the fact that you save time and money as you get certified while working from the comforts of your home.

The online and distance mode of TESOL provides this advantage at your own convenience taking in the fact that you save time and money as you get certified while working from the comforts of your home.

Who should do this course?

It is very difficult to come up with a typical student profile for the course. The course benefits a wide range which may cover

  • People looking for a change in their profession.
  • Active teachers upgrading their teaching base.
  • Teachers looking for further education.
  • Students looking for jobs overseas.
  • People who look for teach and travel option.
  • People who want to take up teaching as a career.

The course is open to all, even those whose first language is not English; however a high standard of written and spoken English is preferred. Preference is given to graduates in any discipline.

ACT TEFL Courses - Choose your level

Asian College of Teachers offers three types of TEFL Courses. All the three types are provided in Distance mode and Online/E- learning mode. The online TEFL courses provided by ACT are especially popular. These online TEFL courses are a great opportunity for students, professionals, aspirants, homemakers and even experienced teachers to get a certified teacher training course enabling them to get teaching jobs in India and abroad.

TEFL Certificate course

The TEFL Certificate course is of 120 hours course, which is has all the major inputs of TESOL training. The course is divided into phases or modules, which have assignments at the end. The candidates need to complete the assignments to be certified. The Online TEFL certificate course comes at an affordable price 15,000/- INR and Distance TEFL Certificate comes at just 17,000/- INR

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TEFL Diploma Course

The TEFL Diploma course is of 160 hours. Along with the course materials, the teachers are required to do self study and research, which is of 40 hours. The Diploma will be awarded to the candidates after they complete all the assignments and research. Asian College of Teachers has introduced the Diploma TEFL Course, to give the teachers an added advantage in their teaching career and also for helping them to nurture their potentialities. This Online TEFL Diploma course is offered at just 18,000/- INR and Distance TEFL Diploma course is for 20,000/- INR

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Advanced TEFL Diploma Course

An Advanced TEFL Diploma is nothing but a specialization offered by Asian College of Teachers. The candidates are offered two specializations, 'teaching young learners' and 'business English teachers training'. It is a 220 hours course, where the teachers can choose between 'Business English Teachers Training' or 'Young Learners Course'. Teachers who are willing to teach adults and in corporate can choose 'Business English Teachers Training' and those interested in teaching kids can opt for the 'Young Learners Course. It is a complete package offered by Asian College of Teachers for an affordable price of 26,000/- INR for Online Course and 28,000/- INR for Distance Mode of Learning.

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Eligibility for the course

The main eligibility for the all three types of TEFL Course is a graduation degree. The specialization of the degree can be in any discipline. The students are also required to be proficient in English language. Asian College of Teachers is a ISO 9001-2008 certified organization, has established itself as the most trusted name in teacher training since 2002. Starting from the shores of USA ACT now is truly global, being present in 5 continents and spread over 20 locations. However the flagship of the organization has been online TESOL/TEFL courses since its inception". Asian College of Teachers has made the effort to bring in the course in distance mode apart from the online one to reach more students. The course is open to all, even those whose first language is not English; however a high standard of written and spoken English is preferred. Preference is given to graduates in any discipline.

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TEFL Course in Online or Distance Learning Mode

The modules of the Distance or Online TEFL course cover Methodologies, the approaches to EFL teaching, Grammar and phonology, the teaching techniques (teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing), teaching young learners and Lesson planning among other inputs. The TEFL Course Certification is accredited by the most respected educational organizations in the United States of America giving the ATI course an internationally recognized standard. Another most important factor behind the recognition of a TEFL course is its value in the foreign teaching market. For teaching jobs abroad, the TEFL or TESOL certificate is absolutely mandatory as this vocational training is required by the schools for foreign teachers. The option of online TEFL courses and Distance TESOL courses are also offered by ATI for those wishing to avoid the hassle of cost, time and effort usually involved in traveling.

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What are the prospects for a TESOL student?

The international teachers training certification that comes with the course can take a student a long way. Finding ESL Jobs / TEFL Jobs Worldwide becomes easier with this certification course in Training for teachers program.

Apart from upgrading your credentials, it provides you with "a license to teach" at home and abroad. There are lots of opportunities to Teach English in India, Teaching English in Thailand, and Teaching English in China. There is also ample ESL Jobs and possible you can Teach English in Europe, Teach English in South America.

Teacher Training Course

Teachers training courses are very popular among teachers who crave to teach abroad and in their home countries. Online TESOL Course or TEFL course in distance is thus a perfect opportunity for second language English teachers. The international teaching certificate is what will help teachers getting teaching job abroad and in India.

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About Us

Asian College of Teachers is a premier teachers training organization dedicated to train teachers who wants to teach in various countries. The teachers training course of ACT is popular with teachers as it is internationally accredited and caters to all the modern teachers training methodologies. The certificate is accepted in schools worldwide.

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Why Choose Us?

ACT is a teachers training organization which is recognized by various academic institutions worldwide. We have years of experience in teachers training and TESOL has always been a flagship product. After successful completion of TESOL Course, the teachers are given adequate ESL job assistance.

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