English as a Foreign Language

The most common language spoken in the international market is English. With each passing day English is becoming a most popular language spoken across the world.

EFL or English as a foreign language is the study of English Language by the speakers with the different native language. The terms ESL, ESOL and EFL are very closely connected to each other in relation to learning of teaching English.

The terms TESOL teaching English to speakers of other languages), ELT (English language teaching), TESL (teaching English as a second language), TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) are commonly used teacher centered term.

EFL of English as a foreign language indicates the use of English language in non-English speaking country. Normally English is learnt in such countries for more privileged class which helps them to connect themselves to the all the English speaking nations of the world.

Learning English has become mandatory to the people who want to link themselves to the developing nations of the world. Be it trade or achieving a degree or communicating with any country one must have a working knowledge of English.

That's the reason why all the non English speaking countries of the world is making it a compulsion and includes English language in school and college curriculum.

Learning English is becoming a very popular in the developing countries like South East Asia, Latin America etc. - countries where tourism is become a big industry and communication in a common language is a must in such cases.

Either learning and teaching English is not the same foe all the countries, for example, teaching English to the people of Germany is easier than teaching English to a native speaker of China, as the German language is closely related to English whereas Chinese is not related.

Some students may have very different cultural perceptions so at times that poses a problem so it is suggested that all the teachers should have a working knowledge of the language spoken in the country where they are teaching the language or an assistant who has a working knowledge of English.

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