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Design Your Workspace Before Conducting An Online Class

An online teacher must be aware that the lesson plans should be created in accordance with the background of the students. To be more specific, online English teachers must choose software to deliver lectures online that is free of cost so that every student can afford that. Internet speed required for online teaching has to be smooth to prevent any interruption while teaching. ...

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2022, The Year Of Teaching English Online

What to expect from teaching English online in 2022? Certainly, online teaching English jobs are very much in demand but there are important and needed details about teaching English online in 2022 that you need to know! ...

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You Can Earn Extra By Using These English Teaching Alternatives

If you're planning to become an online English teacher then you must have a TEFL certificate, must be able to speak English fluently, and should have a Bachelor's degree. It is not necessary that you have to become a native English speaker to become an online English teacher. ...

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Benefits Of Green Screen For Remote Teaching

Virtual learning is comparatively a new paradigm for many teachers. Though technology has been used widely in the past, the educational industry is still finings its way to make the most of it. Green screen can build a shared learning experience for ESL learners. It can also allow a deeper understanding of the content. ...

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Top 8 Great Movies & TV Shows for Your ESL Classes

Teachers always look for various ways to engage their classes, isn’t it? These top ESL movies and TV shows help you to make your online classroom more of a collaborative and exciting atmosphere. ...

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Improve Your Online Teacher Rating With These Tips

A TEFL course online or an EFL course online gives every minute detail on how an English teacher must prepare him/herself before conducting a class online. The student learning process is a key factor and teachers must figure out how much students are engaging themselves. ...

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