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PTE Prep - The Official Guide To Prepare And Ace The Exam

PTE exam is a revolutionary English proficiency test that is recognized legally in more than 70 countries globally. If you are an English teacher looking for a way to bulk up your resume or teach your students to specialize in test prep, this guide will help you get started. Let us dive in and take a closer look at the exam to learn how to start teaching PTE test prep. ...

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The Pros and Cons of Using Authentic vs. Graded Material in Second Language

As language teachers, it is important to consider the many decisions that need to be made when designing a lesson or creating a curriculum. One of these decisions is whether to use authentic or graded material in the classroom while teaching English as a second language. Read further to get more clarity about it. ...

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How Can Overseas Volunteer Experience Add Credibility To Your ESL Resume

Volunteering is often driven by the desire to help others and volunteering abroad offers essential skills and insights along the way that can be useful in the long run. It can work wonders for your resume if you work for a reputable organization. Thus, if you are wondering how to list them to boost your resume, take a look. ...

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Code Switching: Language Affirming Classroom For Multilingual Learners

As a TEFL teacher with at least 120 hours of TEFL certificate, you are expected to provide the students with sufficient input in both English and their mother tongue to help them derive lexical and grammatical information. However, as an expat, this might not always be an easy feat. So, if you are wondering what code is switching and why is it essential, take a look. ...

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