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Asian College of Teachers (ACT), an outstanding teacher training organization in Asia is extremely purposeful to guide aspiring teachers to match up with the international parameter of teaching. ACT has made a prominent presence in the field of teacher education due to the excellence of the teachers it prepares and the number of awards it has won due to the quality courses it offers. Asian College of Teachers has a reputation internationally and the TESOL certification offered by the organization is accepted worldwide.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) offers an array of teacher training courses and TEFL is the flagship product. The TEFL courses are globally accredited which gives comprehensive guideline to the aspiring as well as experienced EFL/ESL teachers to get prepared for the international class rooms and learn about the EFL instruction methods, approaches and identify with the job responsibility. EFL/ESL teaching entails skills and ACT courses help the aspirant teachers to obtain the skills to perform better. The courses are similarly advantageous for the working teachers as they can improve their skills and develop into an effective EFL/ESL teacher in future.

ACT has a long term association with a variety of schools in India and all over the world ranging from Qatar to China and also presents special offer package for bulk enrolment from schools or other educational institutions. Asian College of Teachers is dedicated to provide up-to-date knowledge to future educators which will be an experience that is important as well as advantageous for the future teachers. We offer teacher teaching which will train teaching professionals for new responsibilities and acquaint them with the up-and-coming trends in the arena of teaching and training.

ACT offers an outstanding multi-cultural opportunity for those who are fervent about both travelling as well as teaching. TEFL courses are intended in a way to make knowledge interesting because it is all about teaching using fun-based methods. The in class TEFL courses offer you an intense travel experience and you can earn a TEFL certificate while enjoying a long vacation in some of the most exotic places on earth. The Special Projects set in Thailand is succeeded by guaranteed short-term job placement as well. All the online and in class courses provide a globally recognized certificate on successful completion of the course.

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