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In Asia school teachers are still held in high regard. Teaching in general is looked upon as a noble profession and English teachers are much respected.

Since English has secured its position as the language for commerce and business, whoever is keen to get established feels the need to gain fluency in English language. As a result there has been a steady growth of English medium schools. Most parents aspire to send their children to schools where the medium of instruction is English. School teaching jobs are on the rise and since pay scale has improved people are opting for them.

In countries across the world the governments are also encouraging the populace to be fluent in English. Countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand China, India and west Asian countries are doing their utmost to spread English among their people as a consequence numerous English medium schools are sprouting all across non English speaking countries.

School teaching jobs are a plenty. School jobs don't mean teaching middle and high school students only. Teachers are required to teach in English to pre-primary and primary level students. The eligibility criteria for all teachers are not the same.

Pre and Primary level teachers must have the following qualifications:

The teachers must be at least high school graduates.

They must hold an accredited certificate qualifying them to teach pre-primary level students.

Aspiring primary teachers can do the Asian College of Teachers' PPTT (Pre and Primary Teachers Training) Course either Online or in Distance Mode. ACT certification is internationally acclaimed and recognized.

High schools English teachers need to have the following qualifications:

Teachers must be university graduates.

They must have a high level of fluency in English.

They must hold a recognized teacher training certificate. Most countries insist that the English teacher be TEFL / TESOL certified. Aspirants can enroll for the 120 hours, TESOL / TEFL course offered by Asian College of Teachers either in the Onsite or Online mode.

The TEFL Teaching English as a foreign language / TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certification awarded by ACT have universal recognition and acceptance. This certification opens endless teaching avenues. This certificate validates the teacher as qualified to teach English as second or foreign language to non native speakers.

Remuneration and perks

The teaching jobs are not as lowly paid as earlier. The salary of English teachers is reasonably good and salary depends on qualification and experience.

In certain countries teachers may join schools for a semester only and enjoy benefits like health insurance, travel allowance etc. Salaries are mainly negotiable.

Teachers get to enjoy long summer and autumn breaks.

ACT trained TESOL candidates can seek placement assistance, guidance from the much experienced ACT staff who are always ready to help.

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