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In India teachers are held in very high regard. The teachers are equated with parents, and Gods. Almost all parents in India want their child to have access to education and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifice in pursuit of this high ideal. Indians have realized that the best way to come up in life is by having a sound education. The Teachers required most in India are English teachers. Teaching English in India is a very popular profession. .

This has led to a sudden burgeoning of schools and educational institutes across India. If there is a sharp increase in the number of schools there is naturally a sharp rise in demand for teachers. The government of India is also encouraging English language based education and this has boosted the demand for qualified English teachers.

English teachers are needed not just in regular high schools, but in Pre-schools and Montessori houses. Research has proven that if a child is exposed to more than one language at an early age not only does that help the child to pick up the language fast but it also assists in cognitive development. Even though teaching jobs in India are available in great numbers various school levels, colleges and even language institutes, one must go through a proper teacher training course to be able to teach in India.

Teachers specializing in English are much sought after in High schools and colleges. Though English language has been in India since the eighteenth century and many Indian students learn the language for 12 to 14 years at school but when it comes to communicating in English they lack in fluency. This has led the Education department to declare Communicative English classes mandatory in schools and colleges in India to start on. TEFL certified teachers are preferred for Communicative English courses.

Teaching opportunity for TESOL teachers have increased manifold. Certified English Teachers are required at Engineering, Juridical science, Business Management and Hospitality Management institutes; also at colleges and universities offering general stream courses - BA, B.Com and B.Sc.

English teachers are also needed by the corporate houses and BPO's to be soft skill and voice and accent trainers to their employees. To teach English in India whether it be in educational institutes, language institutes or corporations, an aspirant teacher must go through a certified teacher training course.

The pay scale of teachers in India has been revised and it is reasonably well paid. Corporate pay scale is usually in commensurate with the teacher's experience and qualification. With fluency in English, a sound educational background and a certified teacher training course like the TEFL or TESOL, it is easy for an aspirant to get teaching opportunity in Indian schools, colleges, language institutes and even corporations.

Since teachers are held in high esteem one will always be treated with respect by all members of society. There is great demand for teachers in India and it is a profitable and noble profession to engage in.

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