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Thailand as a tourist destination is probably known to all but not many people are aware of the fact that it is also the most attractive destination for TEFL teachers. What can be better than having the opportunity to visit Thailand, explore the exotic country and at the same time become a TEFL qualified teacher? TEFL course Thailand is tailor made for people who want to explore this land of smiles, experience the tropical beaches, savor the many flavored food, learn an ancient language and interact with the most hospitable people. TEFL course Thailand offers all this and much more because along with these experiences comes the opportunity to learn and train how to teach English to speakers of other languages. After completion of the TEFL course one can immediately get placed in various schools across Thailand where there is a serious demand for TEFL qualified English teachers. Thailand wants to adopt English as a second language and therefore schools are willing to employ TEFL qualified teachers and pay them a lot more than experienced local teachers. Thailand is a warm and welcoming country that has a lot to offer in terms of food, culture and tradition which is unique to the region. It is a great place to be introduced to Asia. So learning and having fun at the same time can only be possible at TEFL course Thailand.

India TEFL offers theses amazing benefits where in a person can get an international teachers training. India TEFL offers all these amazing benefits which include the opportunity to get a job in regular schools, international and IB schools where the teacher's remuneration is much higher than others. India TEFL offers all these amazing benefits which include the opportunity to work in corporate training centers, BPOs and language institutes which is a fast growing industry. India TEFL offers all these amazing benefits along with the opportunity to travel and work abroad.

Graduates from Asian College of Teachers are complemented with placement offers from the most elite schools and other educational institutions around the globe. In some countries, the teachers are employed on a contractual basis and they have the liberty of not renewing their contracts. They can work in a particular country for a certain period of time, explore and enjoy and move on to fresher pastures. Moreover, at the end of the day, it gives you immense satisfaction that you not only made friends for life but has certainly made differences, in the lives of many. India TEFL offers all these amazing benefits at a competitive and affordable course fee.

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