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Are you deciding to take up a teaching English job in Europe? The first and the foremost important job is to do decide which country you would like to visit and thereafter you have to sit with the internet and do a research on the availability of jobs, visa procedures, salary, working hours, qualification, paid holiday accommodation regarding the European countries you are interested about.

Native English speakers are in great demand and so those wish to live abroad can choose this profession and can stay in that country for some time with a work visa. But one has to keep in mind that every European country is different from the other, not all of them follow the same rule, and so it is important to decide which country you are choosing. The best advice is to compare and analyze various countries before choosing a job offer. Once a destination is chosen, try to have a working knowledge of the native language. After all it would be your second home for some time.

Those looking for jobs teaching English in Europe must consider countries like Germany, Italy, France, and Greece for these countries are looking for native English speakers.

Germany is offering residency permit for teaching English in Germany and the process is not very complicated. All you need is a TEFL certification, and which is not at all difficult to have. The TEFL Certification course offered by Asian College of Teachers is available onsite and online and is recognized globally.

Job visa in Greece is little tough unless someone hiring you privately and the visa got to be arranged by them only.

In Italy also teachers from European Union are preferred. Others get the job but that is not very easy.

Salaries in European country is not so high compared to the Asian countries and in Eastern Europe it is as low as 1000USD but compared to this Western Europe it is slightly high and is around 2500 dollars. But again cost of living is not so high in Eastern Europe. Though the salaries are not very high and at the same time standard of living in Europe is very high you would certainly enjoy the comfort finally one cannot forget that he/she is in Europe.

Travelling in Europe is difficult but native speakers of English can explore this beautiful continent by taking up jobs teaching English in Europe.

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