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TEFL/TESOL Resource Center

TEFL/TESOL Resource Center


TEFL Internship Overseas

TEFL Internship Overseas – Virtual

Internships are a critical piece in forming your career and through this, the professional growth is something everyone can help from, especially when looking to advance their career.

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Teach English In South Korea

Teach English In South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea delivers a wonderful career-opportunity. It is also one of the most popular destinations to teach English abroad, because of the availability of teaching English job opportunities with a cheaper cost of living.

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Phonetics In Teaching English Language

The Significance Of Phonetics In Teaching English Language

Phonetics is now an integral part of English language learning, both for young learners as well as ESL students. By learning about phonetics, an individual can become confident while using the language fluently in reading and speaking, can recognize and interpret unfamiliar words, and will be able to know how to spell words correctly.

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ESL Teachers

3 Effective Ways For ESL Teachers To Find Work-life Balance

The life of TEFL teachers is a bit unconventional with odd shift timing and service hours. It is easy to drift away by work pressure. With planned routine, practising self-care, letting go of perfectionism, and indulging in healthy hobbies, TEFL teachers can too manifest work-life balance.

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Update Your Teaching Profile

Why It Is Important To Update Your Teaching Profile?

Are you looking for a teaching job abroad? If you are, then go through this blog and find out why it is important to update your teaching profile before you start applying for jobs abroad.

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TEFL career

TEFL As A Career Option- Asian College of Teachers

After having a successful TEFL career, most educators want to move on to the next level in their career and have an accomplished career. Here are some professions that you can choose with a TEFL certificate

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ESL Jobs

Easiest Countries That Offer ESL Jobs Before You Move There

At times teachers are often seen that they prefer stability and a secure job calling before they actually travel to a different country. This write-up would give you an insight into the names of the countries where you can apply for jobs, confirm one and then travel without any uncertainty.

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Online ESL Teaching

Looking On The Brighter Side Chinas Ban On Private Tutors And How One Can Turn This Into An Opportunity

Online teaching became a popular and lucrative job option when it came to English as a Second/Foreign language teaching. China has been a melting pot for ESL teachers and tutors across the globe to experience a cultural exchange as well as making money from teaching abroad.

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ESL Jobs as a Private Tutor in Madrid

Find ESL Jobs As A Private Tutor In Madrid

ESL teachers in Madrid are mostly foreigners. With EU restrictions to work as a full-time teacher, the ESL enthusiasts are left with teaching assistant jobs that do not pay as much as a full-time teacher would receive. The following will walk you through the ways one can opt for private tutoring in Madrid to minimise that gap and help the teachers become more flexible with teaching ideas since tutoring would require a lot of considerations.

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First ESL Job

First ESL Job- How To Get Hired?

After the completion of a TEFL program, teachers are usually enthusiastic about looking at various job options and potential recruiters. What holds them back to take the leap of faith is how exactly secure the TEFL job of their dreams would be. In this blog, we have devised a path that can be utilised as the ultimate checklist to give your TEFL job the right start.

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Is TEFL Certification Really Helpful

Is TEFL Certification Really Helpful?

The online/distance mode is having multiple variants of TEFL programs and Live online class is a prime feature of this online mode. For the Live online class, the candidates must have a minimum of 10+2 qualifications, a good internet connection, and should have good knowledge of technology. Besides, their command of the language must be strong.

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Teach English To Refugees

5 Platforms To Teach English To Refugees

Of course, not every non-English speaking individual cannot be taught English because we do not know every one of them. Then again, we are trying our level best to impart knowledge to those who are coming forward and showing their enthusiasm. Such a project is now stealing the limelight in the global market where TEFL educators are teaching English to refugees.

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online TEFL teacher

Mold Negative Feedback Into More Constructive Ones

Giving feedback to parents might seem quite easy but in reality, the deal is quite the opposite. Not always do teachers have everything positive to talk about students because all students do not come from the same socio-economical background.

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ESL Teaching Resume Format

Impress Your Recruiters With This ESL Teaching Resume Format

While writing the summary, make sure that you’re language is powerful but not rude. Sentences should be crisp but must have all the important points that will highlight your profile a lot more than others. This tactic is a brilliant one to create a strong impact on your recruiters’ minds.

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