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Start your ESL adventure right after you complete your TEFL Course. TEFL course is immensely popular for people looking for teaching English jobs around the world.

If you want to start your ESL adventure in Asia you need to be a university graduate and TEFL certified. Asia is mystical with a rich cultural past. Teaching in Asia is a great adventure. Here one gets to explore complex culture and heritage of oriental nations like Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam China India and West Asia.

Asia is where the best paid English teaching jobs are available. To teach ESL in South Korea Japan or China one must take a TEFL course. The best part of ESL jobs is that one has a chance to travel and earn and have adventure without exhausting one's resources and funds.

All you need is a TEFL certificate from a recognized TEFL course provider like Asian College of Teachers and start on your adventure. The teaching conditions in Asian countries are perfect for certified ESL teachers.

If you are interested in ESL jobs in Latin America or in Europe again you need to first get a TEFL / TESOL certificate.

In South American countries like Brazil, Argentina one can enjoy great night life and party till the early hours of dawn. One can go for adventure sports like trekking, rafting, surfing and exploratory trips to historical sites like Machu Pichu and other Inca ruins.

You can start on your ESL adventure with a TEFL certificate. In Latin America one can immerse oneself in the culture cuisine, sensual music and dance and other fun activities of the land. There's never a dull moment to be had in Latin America. And you can experience all this have a great adventure once you are TEFL certified ESL teacher.

Europe is where one can experience the development of modern world. It is the store house of culture and scientific invention. The western civilization evolved in Europe. One can have the adventure of a lifetime teaching ESL in Europe. All one requires is TEFL certification and be a university graduate to start on ESL adventure in Europe.

Jobs are aplenty for the TEFL qualified; one can be home tutors and online teachers as well. One gets to travel to great destinations and lose oneself in the sights and sounds of amazing countries and set off on an amazing ESL adventure post earning a TEFL certificate one can earn a universally acclaimed TEFL certificate from Asian College of Teachers either on the Online or Onsite mode and pursue the dream of working in exotic locations.

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