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The advancement in technology is probably the greatest contribution of mankind in this century and it has helped immensely in the field of education too. Computer aided learning has entered most classrooms of the world as a vehicle for teaching but it can also play the role of a teacher directly. For most of us who are already employed sometimes getting back to education becomes a mammoth task. Sometimes it is not possible to give up one's present engagement to take up a course full time. Also paucity of time in our busy schedule hampers our desire for learning and enrolling in a regular classroom setup. Online learning solves this problem. ACT's TEFL online program has been structured to suit the needs of those who want to be trained teachers but are unable to do so by moving to the training location and devoting time for a full time program.

The TESOL/TEFL online program allows one to pursue a TEFL training course without having to compromise on time and an existing job. It is not time bound like a class schedule therefore anyone can do the TEFL online program from the comfort of home and at one's own pace. The online TEFL tutors are there for guidance and evaluation thereby the student can monitor his own progress and learn at his own pace without the pressures of trying to keep pace with the rest of the class or performing at a level that mentally is stressful. The TEFL online course is also affordable when compared to an onsite program because apart from a lower course fee it also saves the cost of travel to the course location, accommodation charges and cost of living for the course duration. ACT's TEFL online course is an internationally accepted, 120 hours comprehensive English Language Teacher training program that equips one to teach English effectively at any level and anywhere in the world.

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