In the past couple of decades one job that has gained popularity is jobs in TEFL. English as a global language is accepted by all nonnative English speaking countries and the demand for learning English is at its peak now. This has led to the creation of jobs in the TEFL world. Many countries in East Asia and South East Asia are now introducing English as a foreign language or EFL at the primary level but the regional teachers are not sometimes equipped to teach the language effectively. Though in India English is an official language but it is still the language of the elite few with the vast majority of the population having either a limited or nonexistent vocabulary in English. Most teachers who teach English in Indian schools are Literature teachers and not much thought is given to the principles and approaches of language teaching. Therefore despite having years of exposure to the language the students reach employable age without any fluency in the language which is now a pre requisite. Therefore the schools are recruiting TEFL teachers with a TEFL qualification. It is important for teachers to be aware of what is the difference between natural acquisition and learning and what are the principles involved in teaching the four language skills? A TEFL/TESOL qualification gives them this knowledge and therefore they have a specialization in teaching English as a foreign Language or TEFL. The effectiveness of the TEFL teachers have made schools realize that a TEFL job is different from other teaching jobs. However TEFL jobs are not limited to regular schools only, there are teaching jobs in Private schools, language schools, corporate training programs, voice and accent trainers and wherever there is a requirement for others to be trained in English.

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