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A teacher is largely responsible for shaping the mind and outlook of the future generations. A teacher must have sound knowledge of the subject to be taught as well as have the ability to simplify it for the students to comprehend and retain. Good teachers are rarely born most of them are trained. A training course that furnishes a teacher with special skills and approach to enhance their in class performance is the requirement of the day.

Many teacher training courses are available - one can opt for a certificate course in teaching such as TEFL / TESOL, to Diploma in TESOL to University degrees in English Language teaching which can be a Bachelors degree or Masters Degree.

In certain countries like India it is important to undergo University Degree in teaching for securing placements in High schools. In India it is the National Council for Teacher Education which regulates teacher training courses.

It is desirable that candidates doing the B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree be genuinely interested in interacting with young children and teens. It is important for a good teacher to build a rapport with their students, to know the interests of the student.

Only university graduates in any discipline are eligible to join B.Ed degree.

After Bachelors one may go for further specialization - M.Ed, which is Masters degree in teaching. Both are University Degree in teaching.

Masters degree in teaching enables one to teach post secondary level students or at college and university level.

This qualification also enables one to become an education policy maker and ensure the implementation of the policies.

The BEd course is usually for a year and MEd is for 2 years. But some degree courses can have four year tenure such as the Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) program; one can join it after class XII.

The TESOL degree courses are offered mainly by universities in UK and USA. A TESOL degree course qualifies one to be a policy maker in educational institutions and even at the government level.

The salary of teachers is often based upon the qualification and teaching experience. Naturally the higher is ones qualification the better is ones pay.

Asian College of Teachers' TESOL Certificate, Diploma and P G Diploma courses bring with it assured job guidance.

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