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Education is in the blood stream of every Indian. So teachers at which ever levels are held in very high esteem in this sub continent. They not only shoulder the responsibility of crafting the future generation but also contribute greatly to the social and economic development of the country. Since India is a growing economy, opportunities are manifold and the mind of every Indian is ignited with the hope to excel. So, job opportunities for teachers in India has come to a point where there are different avenues to choose from, from primary to secondary and from lecturers to readers and professors.

Teaching is not just a profession but a passion. It is not only about earning a salary but about making a difference, of creating an" ideal" out of raw clay. This is where the internationally acclaimed organization, The Asian College of Teachers comes to aid. The TESOL certificate that we award our trainees at the end of the course is a tool kit to shape the future citizens of the country. Although the focus is on English language but special care is taken to ensure overall expertise through the different courses offered by Asian College of Teachers. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, from TESOL on site, on line and Distance to Pre and Primary onsite, on line and Distance. On line courses are offered on Young Learners, Business English Teacher Training (BETT) and Home Tutor. The on line and on site courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainers and on line tutors. Trainee teachers are assured of all kinds of guidance and assistance as per the requirements of the trainees. Well organized and updated materials are provided to the trainees on the commencement of the course. Ample time is allotted for the trainees for the completion of assignments, which are returned to the trainees after evaluation and gradation.

Teaching jobs in India are available in plenty of numbers in Indian schools, colleges, language institutes and even corporations. But to teach in India, one must go through a certified teacher training course with the TESOL Certification course being the most popular choice. All those with a graduation degree in any faculty with a passion for teaching can apply against a very reasonable course fee. Trainee teachers armed with a certificate from Asian College of Teachers are eligible to teach not only in India but anywhere in the world.

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