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Education tops the priority list of every Indian and teaching as a profession is held in high esteem in India. Teachers in the sub continent are revered and respected but all this comes in with a lot of responsibilities. In India, English as a language enjoys the status of a state language. However, it has been observed that English language teachers lack the necessary skills and are not technically qualified to impart the best. Language teaching as a whole requires scaffolding in order to enhance the quality of education so that the future generation excels in all spheres. Moreover, it cannot be denied that proficiency in the language is necessary in order to make a place in the International arena. Hence, there is a growing demand for teachers who are proficient in the language and the latest techniques and methodologies.

Asian College of Teachers, one of the pioneers in the field of TESOL training has already made a mark around the globe. A Keeping in mind the present scenario and the growing demand for qualified English teachers, the organization has been conducting on site TESOL courses in different parts of the country. The 3 week on site courses are immensely interactive and leaves enough scope for the trainee teachers to interact with their peers and the trainers. The trainees are equipped with the latest techniques and methodologies of language teaching. Trainee teachers are exposed to real life classroom situations in the form of teaching practice sessions in various schools. So, by the end of the third week they are not only highly motivated but also confident enough to handle any classroom situation and are high on classroom management skills.

Other than the onsite TESOL Course, ACT has launched a number of on line courses to facilitate those who have an urge to learn but are unable to attend regular classes. English language teachers would find plenty of options to choose from. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, from TESOL on line to Distance and Diploma courses. Course materials such as the course books, work books, CDs and DVDs are updated at regular intervals. The on line and on site courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainers and on line tutors. Trainee teachers are assured of all kinds of guidance and assistance as per the requirements of the trainees. Ample time is allotted to the trainees for the completion of assignments, which are returned to the trainees after evaluation and gradation.

Those with a passion for teaching may apply for any of the courses for a very reasonable course fee. Teaching jobs in India are available in various school levels and even language institutes and an aspirant must choose according to personal area of interest and expertise. Trainee teachers armed with a certificate from Asian College of Teachers are eligible to teach not only in India but anywhere in the world Moreover, Asian College of Teachers offers all sorts of job assistance to the trainee teachers on completion of the course.

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