Pre Primary ESL Teaching

Pre- primary education is fundamental for preparing a child to be a successful, well-adjusted individual in future. It is at this early stage that the rules of social behavior and skills necessary for becoming a responsible social being and a positive contributor to society is set in place.

Pre-primary ESL Teaching offers a wholly child-centric environment that proves beneficial to the intellectual, emotional and also physical growth in a child. Learning is done through activities and games. This favorable environment grooms the child for primary education and ascertains the overall development of a child.

A child grows into an accommodating social being as in pre-primary s/he interacts and socializes with children of the same age. The importance of early age education can no longer be ignored.

Now in Pre primary teaching it is important to include ESL that is teaching English as a second language as well. Teachers of pre-schools are at an advantage if they are ESL trained along with pre & primary teacher training. Pre-primary ESL Teaching offers more choice to teachers.

In India as well in the rest of the world Pre- primary schools are spreading like wildfire and every neighborhood has a pre-primary school that follows either the Maria Montessori or Reggio Emilia (not too common in India) or the "Kindergarten" method. However not all these pre- primary schools are run by trained teachers who are in the know of how to best facilitate learning in young children.

Asian College of Teachers, an internationally acclaimed teacher training institute which has been concentrating in TESOL / TEFL courses, has now embarked on a mission to train teachers keen on teaching young learners at the pre- school and primary level. The ACT program trains YL teachers to also have ESL teaching technique.

ACT has Online, Distance and Onsite Pre and primary teacher training program. The Pre & primary teacher training program trains candidates in methodologies and approaches of Piaget, Froebel, Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia. The course offered is essentially Pre-primary ESL Teaching. The special aspect of the ACT Pre and primary teacher training course is that teacher's are trained with special focus on English.

Teachers are trained in Elementary, Kindergarten, and Montessori approach. Special classroom management skills are imparted as well as techniques to use and create different teaching aids and tools.

The Online course is ideal for teachers and candidates who can't come down to the teaching site. It is for 6 months and at each s

The Onsite course is an intensive 3 weeks course that stresses on practical in class teaching.

The Distance Mode is perfect for candidates who do not have access to internet or computers.

In all three modes ACT trainers and tutors do their utmost to answer every query that a student has and guide them skillfully through every step of the course.

The Asian College of Teachers staff is always there to extend help and cooperation with jobs and placement post successful completion of the course.

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