TEFL Scams

Just like all other areas of commercial enterprise the TEFL business is also not without its share of scams and corruption. There are many who have entered this educational field with dubious intentions. Their website look impressive and they promise the unrealistic. It is important for those who are applying for TEFL courses or jobs to research a little about the course provider before they enroll as it is they who stand to lose their hard earned money.

The factors that one should verify are the accreditations and affiliation of the company.

Who or which are the institutions, organizations and governing bodies that acknowledges and approve of the course?

Does it maintain international standards and norms regarding hours of training and practical sessions. Next to check is whether the content of the course justifies the course fee? What is the placement record of the organization? The number of locations that the course provider has and finally and most importantly what does the alumni have to say about the course provider? Without such knowledge applicants may end up in a scam or end up with a certification that has no value in the ESL job market.

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