Teach & Travel with TEFL Certificate Course in India

For some people, teaching is a passion and some love travelling. However, the best would be to blend the two, teach while you travel. If teaching is your passion, travel and explore the world, and begin each day with fun, excitement and rewarding experiences. But travelling to different corners of the world can be expensive. A TEFL course helps you to teach and travel, earn and satisfy your urge to explore.

Asian College of Teachers has opened the windows of the world for all those who enjoy the experience of meeting new people, learn, accept and respect different cultures, food and religion and take up the challenges of teaching. It also leaves an opportunity to earn a reasonably decent salary to live a comparatively comfortable life and save enough for the future. Some schools provide accommodation for the teachers and some offer assistance in searching for a comfortable apartment. To teach and travel with a TEFL certification generates immense satisfaction, to be able to contribute in shaping the future generations in a foreign land. The TESOL certificate awarded by Asian College of Teachers is recognized and acclaimed all over the world leaving its trainees the opportunity of globetrotting. The course is designed for an overall grooming on the techniques of teaching with special focus on the four language skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. On completion of the TESOL certificate course, the trainee teachers are not only highly motivated but also confident to deliver an effective lesson in a real classroom situation. The highly qualified and experienced trainers also equip the trainees with skills to handle all kinds of classroom situations and classroom management skills.

All those with a graduation degree in any faculty may apply for a teacher training course against a reasonable course fee. Asian College of Teachers provides all assistance to its trainee teachers regarding visa and other formalities so that the trainees can concentrate on the course itself. ACT also offers guidance and job assistance if required.

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