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The TEFL courses are many and varied. TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language to persons who are speakers of other languages, the term TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and TEFL is the same. It is a certification that is mandatory for English teachers interested in teaching the language.

Asian College of Teachers offers International TEFL course and it is a widely acclaimed, internationally recognized certificate course.

ACT offers TESOL certificate course both Onsite 120 hours for 3 weeks as well as Online and Distance modes.

The TEFL International course is a perfect teacher training course that focuses application based teaching techniques.

The methodology and curriculum is exclusively for providing teachers with tools for successful classroom teaching.

The Onsite TESOL course is a 3 week, 120 hour course where the trainees get to interact with trainees of different countries and undergo a course that is pragmatic and useful.

They receive a well- structured and finely tuned training in English language teaching that enables them to become skilled facilitators of English language learning.

The trainees get to implement the lesson plans and teaching methods in real classroom situations. This helps them to gain in confidence as teachers as they realize the importance of creating lessons that are largely learner centric. The experience helps them to be flexible, adaptable and innovative in class.

The Online TESOL course equips the candidates with similar tools and offers the added advantage of allowing them to do the course at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.

The Distance TESOL course similarly trains candidates to excel at their jobs as language facilitators. It is a course that suits people who are hard pressed for time and can't devote 3 weeks to a course at a stretch.

Eligibility criteria for the course

  • Interested candidates must be at least high school graduates. Fluency in English is important.
  • Active teachers seeking specialization as well as fresh graduates interested in a teaching career in English language learning - all are equally welcome to join the course.
  • Retired persons or people eager for a career switch too can do the course.
  • The International TEFL course opens avenues hitherto untapped by the candidates.
The Online TEFL courses offered by ACT are varied. There is TESOL Online Foundation, Advanced. There is Online TESOL Diploma course as well. A candidate can do the diploma course after completing the certificate course.

TEFL courses are under the supervision of knowledgeable tutors who assist trainees at every phase of the course and regularly evaluate assignments.

Asian College of Teachers offers guidance for placement also.

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