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Undoubtedly English is the global language rather than the language for British or the Americans who speak only English.

It has always been considered to be very essential to learn English in India. As British ruled India for more than 250 years there is a great influence of English language in India. Since then the elite class in the urban society used the language to communicate with the English people. English had always been treated as foreign language or the second language but it is considered to be one of the most important languages as it is one of the official languages in India. A TEFL or TESOL Certificate from ACT will help you will getting an English teaching jobs in schools, colleges and also various institutes which require language trainers. It is almost mandatory for Indians who wants to teach abroad and also in International schools.

As it is for higher education in any field, knowledge of English is a must. So learning English has been almost mandatory. That is the reason why there is a great demand for teachers to teach English in India and also in other non English speaking, developing countries.

In India 80% people are from the rural background who can't afford to educate their children which leads to unemployment. The so called developed countries are off shoring jobs to India, as they are getting the job done in a very cheap rate. So there is a big t scope to find job in this sector, but unfortunately there are few candidates who are fluent with the language.

There is a lot of good students who are really finding it difficult continue with their higher studies as they have to use English at that point. And many skilled students who are offered jobs in India or abroad is finding it difficult as they are not fluent in English.

The state government has understood the importance and like other countries taking steps to promote English language in school curriculum. Private schools have been gaining popularity for the last few years as their medium of instruction is English. So looking into the scenario we can well understand the demand for skilled teacher who can teach English Language. However, to get teaching jobs in India one must have a certified teacher training course. Those interested to teach English in India whether it is in educational institutes, language institutes or corporate houses could take up the onsite or online teacher training courses offered by Asian College of Teachers.

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