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Asian College of Teachers conducts various online courses which are high on quality and low on the price. These courses are conducted to facilitate those who wish to take up teaching as a profession but are unable to attend any regular on site programs due to scarcity of time. The online courses are suitable for those who reside in cities other than Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa where ACT conducts its TEFL/ TESOL on site classes. Professionals, who would like to do the course while on the job for a change in career or just to enhance their knowledge, the TEFL/TESOL online course is the most suitable. It helps to equip them with the latest knowledge on TEFL/TESOL and gives them an edge over others in the job market. In spite of not being regular classroom courses our online courses are equally informative and provide an excellent base for the would-be teachers.

ACT offers a wide variety of online courses to choose from, catering to the students' needs and objectives to learn English. These courses are so designed that it enables the candidates to learn at their own pace from anywhere in the country and the world. The TEFL/TESOL online course includes, TEFL/TESOL Certificate, Diploma and P G Diploma Courses, TEFL/TESOL Young Learners Course and Business English Teachers Training Course (BETT). The Pre and Primary Teachers Training Courses are most suitable for those who wish to teach the pre-primary and the primary levels. The Home tutor on line course provides excellent guidance to those who wish to take up a career as home tutors. All Course materials are regularly upgraded to provide quality education to our trainees. We offer maximum flexibility for the completion of tasks assigned. During the course the trainee teachers are assigned certain tasks which are evaluated and graded by the trainers and returned within a certain time.

Why Choose ACT?

ACT is a multiple award-winning institution drawing accolades from global institutions.
Internationally recognized teacher training brand operating in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Training Centres in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Kerala and Hyderabad.
A strong global presence with an impressive 40,000+ enrollments.
Support and guidance all throughout the course from skilled and experienced tutors.
ACT and its courses are accredited by distinguished organizations.

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