Teaching English in Thailand

Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for the tourists around the world. It is also gaining popularity as one of the most important trading centers of the world. Since the Thais are constantly dealing with foreign tourist the need of learning English has becoming almost imperative. So there is a great demand for the teachers who can teach English to the people of Thailand.

Of late Thais are even choosing to study in USA, UK, Australia, and Canada and in other English speaking countries too. Teaching English has been one of the most popular professions among the native speakers in English.

Initially it was mainly the Language schools - which were teaching English to the people of Thailand but now looking into the importance English, it has been introduced in junior and also senior schools. And even the schools in the remote corners have introduced English language in the school curriculum.

So it is well understood that there is a great demand of teachers who can teach English to the people of Thailand.

For those who love the country and would like to stay can choose to teach English language to the Thais and can stay legally. All they need is, do a course which teaches them the technique of teaching. In most cases it is found that the native speakers get the jobs easily though preference is given to the white skinned natives. That's the reason why Thailand has become the most popular destination for the Westerners.

There has been a misconception among Thais that any native speaker of English would be a good teacher. So many institutions have not found good result even after employing native speakers. But teachers who have TESOL or TEFL qualification can do the job easily even if they do not have a teaching background. Asian College of Teachers is one such organization who offers certification course where they teach you the unique technique of teaching English. Trainee teachers in these teacher training courses learn all the know-how and skills required to teach English language to non-English speaking people like the Thais. The TESOL or TEFL qualifications are recognized and accredited not only in Thailand but all across the world.

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