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The traditional notion of teaching and the image of a teacher have all undergone a huge change in the past decade or so. With the emergence of English as a global language the need to learn and use it have increased many folds in non native English countries and the world over. Therefore the chance for many to start your worldwide TEFL travel adventure is now. To start this worldwide travel adventure no one has to first enroll in a TEFL or TESOL program. ACT offers the options of doing a TEFL/TESOL course either in-class, online or in distance study mode. Once completed this qualification makes one eligible to teach English anywhere in the world and hence begins one's journey to start your worldwide TEFL adventure. The opportunity to explore and experience different cultures, food, language and history along with teaching experience enriches the life of the TEFL teacher. Your worldwide TEFL adventure will include not only travelling but also a sense of fulfillment because one can contribute positively to society by teaching those who need to learn English and influencing lives in the process. Therefore it is a worldwide travel adventure in the true sense of the term because living abroad has its fair share of challenges and excitement along with the security of a job and work. Without having to spend from one's pocket this qualification gives the chance to start your worldwide travel adventure now.

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