Gap Year Job

Being a student is the best part of our lives. Carefree and fun yet it can also be the most indecisive time as one is not sure what one should do. Whether to study further or to take up a job or to travel and explore are some of the questions that plague post secondary students. There are responsibilities to take up a job, pay loans and at the same time the world at large beckons them. The best solution to the dilemma could be to take a gap year after university which would be a break from studies but at the same time an opportunity to earn and travel. Many students engage in gap year jobs that help them to enjoy their experience of travelling and exploring new places and people.

This gap job in turn broadens their horizon but not just as a bumbling traveler but as positively contributing to society by teaching English in places and communities that need them. The money that they earn from this gap year job takes care of their upkeep and travel. The experiences that they would have in this gap year teaching job will hold them in good stead even in later years. For many it may be an eye opener and after the gap year job and they will realize that probably teaching is something that they would like to take up permanently as a carrier option while for others this cross cultural exchange enriches their life forever and enhances intra and interpersonal skills.

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