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Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a leader in teacher education in Asia was founded in 2007. The foundation of the organization was laid by a group of educationists with the focus on providing quality education to future teachers. The institute has been registered in UK with offices in Thailand, Singapore and India. ACT was established in order to equip aspiring English language teachers with the latest techniques and methodologies of teaching the language. Today ACT's name is synonymous with quality education. On achieving quality training from the Institute TESOL graduates could travel far and wide and impart knowledge to students whose first language is not English.

Since its inception, Asian College of Teachers has been training native speakers or those with near native fluency in English language to teach anywhere in the world and is today recognized as the leader in the field of TESOL training. We offer a plethora of courses in order to suit the requirements of the students. Although the main focus is on the four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, the teachers are trained to contribute in the overall development of the students and handle all kinds of classroom situations and student behavior. With over a decade of such Endeavour the words ACT and quality education go hand in hand.

Asian College of Teachers provides onsite and on line TESOL certification and TESOL advanced programs along with Distance and business English courses. The 120 hours/3 weeks on site program includes in class lectures on the latest methodologies of teaching the language along with audio and video inputs. During the training period, the trainee teachers conduct classes in different schools in order to give them a feel of teaching in a real classroom situation. The on line programs were introduced for those who wish to upgrade themselves at leisure or want a change of profession.

ACT provides a great opportunity to those who like to teach and explore the world. It conducts courses in the most exotic locations around the world, making it possible for you to acquaint with the world's most amazing cultures and cuisines. We offer the Special Thai Project and the Special Korea Project for those who wish to teach in south East Asian countries. On completion of the course the trainee teachers are provided job assistance. ACT ensures all forms of guidance regarding the schools, locations and the pay package.

Asian College of Teachers has been a name to reckon with since 2007 and has made a mark in the job market. We are known as high quality education providers and enjoy international reputation as a result of which our teachers have an edge over the others and are always the first choice.

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