TEFL Benefits

The one most important benefit of TEFL is the chance to earn and travel.

The first TEFL benefit is after the completion of the course one will receive an international teacher training certification.

The second TEFL benefit is, with the international certification one can apply for a teacher's job in regular private schools, international schools and IB schools.

Apart from this another TEFL benefit is that it opens doors in the corporate sector. With the TEFL qualification a trained teacher can become a corporate trainer or work as a voice and accent trainer.

The most attractive TEFL benefit is the freedom and ability to work overseas.

TEFL trained teachers are in great demand in non native English speaking countries. Schools abroad prefer TEFL trained teachers to teach English and this training is now becoming a mandatory qualification for English teaching jobs. An indirect TEFL benefit is also the scope to either change jobs or take a break from other stressful or mundane situations. It gives one the opportunity to be associated with a challenging yet exciting noble profession and at the same time live and enjoy a new location, region, culture and people.

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