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A number of countries around the world have recognized English as the official language, as a result of which the demand for learning the language has increased and hence the value of well trained English teachers has gone up many fold in the world market. Teaching ESL worldwide is the buzz word amongst the teaching fraternity. To meet with this increasing demand Asian College of Teachers has opened up training centers in the most picturesque and popular tourist destinations in different parts of the world and has been acclaimed for producing a group of excellent, well trained teachers who have been well recognized for their contribution in the field of education by their employers and has been acclaimed for taking teaching ESL worldwide.

At Asian College of Teachers, our basic aim is to cross the boundaries, helping to take English teaching or ESL worldwide and try to bring together the different people and cultures through a common factor, the English language. We also offer the Teach and Travel project which facilitates avid travelers and passionate teachers to teach in the most beautiful countries in the world and enjoy the most exotic and fascinating locations, varied cultures, tickle their taste buds with sumptuous cuisine from all corners of the world and to top it all earn a handsome salary along with the other perks. ACT assists its trainee teachers with placements in the countries of their choice. Graduates from Asian College of Teachers are complemented with placement offers from the most elite schools and other educational institutions around the globe. In some countries, the teachers are employed on a contractual basis and they have the liberty of not renewing their contracts. They can work in a particular country for a certain period of time, explore and enjoy and move on to fresher pastures. Moreover, at the end of the day, it gives you immense satisfaction that you not only made friends for life but has certainly made differences, in the lives of many.

We at Asian College of Teachers do not terminate our relationship with our trainee teachers after the completion of the course. On completion of the course, the TESOL graduates are not only awarded with a certificate which is recognizes all over the world but we also assist our trainees with guidance regarding placements and job locations. Help is rendered for all legal documents in case of all overseas job proposals.

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