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Anyone inclined towards interaction with people and enjoys the company of people will enjoy an ESL career. Teaching is very rewarding, the feeling of satisfaction when a teacher sees her students progress not only academically but also personally, is a feeling that cannot be completely explained. Teaching as a career has always been regarded with a great deal of respect and recently has been drawing people from very lucrative corporate careers back into an ESL career. Teaching English may not be restricted just to regular schools but ESL jobs have opened many other avenues for TEFL qualified people.

An ESL career may be in regular schools or in out of school language classes which gives the teachers a far greater flexibility in terms of time and working hours. ESL career may also include jobs as corporate trainers with multinational companies or may include being a curriculum developer for training centers. ESL teachers are also employed as voice and accent trainers with BPOs. However the greatest attraction of an ESL career is the opportunity to work abroad. Travelling to far off lands, exploring alien and exotic cultures and places is an engagement that sounds like a distant dream to most people but an ESL career can make this dream attainable, because ESL jobs allows people to teach and travel abroad.

For many an ESL career did not start as a serious career choice but just a means to travel and earn but the joys and excitement of an ESL job have made many teachers take the ESL career seriously and for life. The shorter working hours in comparison to corporate set ups, the long vacation breaks, the challenge of keeping the students motivated and interested, the feeling of contributing to society, the power to touch lives are some of the unique features of an ESL career that is unparalleled and missing in some highly paid jobs. In some countries an ESL job is very highly paid and equally demanding and challenging.

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