Diploma in Teaching

To launch one's teaching career one would do well to have a certificate or a diploma in teaching. The TEFL / TESOL certificate qualifies one to Teach English to speakers of other languages. It is the minimum certification required for teaching English.

After being TEFL certified one may opt for Diploma in TESOL which is more advanced teacher training course.

Asian College of Teachers' TESOL Online Diploma course includes Foundation and Advanced; Young Learner and Business English Teacher Training course. Teaching ESL (English as a Secondary Language) is one of the most popular professions in India and ACT's TEFL course and TESOL Diploma course are the most popular choices for those interested in an ESL career.

Diploma in teaching is a good way to add new tools to one's teaching kit. It is a higher qualification that one may decide on to develop as a teacher. Candidates will gain deeper insight into the principles and approaches to teaching.

Help them to re-assess their views and methods of teaching

Also learn ways to apply their reflections and deliberations in the classrooms especially with adults.

A diploma course is a good way to further enhance one's teaching career.

In India there are many institutions offering D.Ed-Diploma in Education (teaching), some are listed below:

Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Junior College of Education, Mumbai

Aryan Education Society's Vanita, Mumbai

Basic Training Institute, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh

Hindu College Of Education, Haryana

Padmashree Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore

Qualification: To join D.Ed candidates must have 12 years of basic education.

Secure 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

A diploma in teaching can be in PPTT (Pre and Primary Teacher Training) and in TESOL. Asian College of Teachers offers Diploma in PPTT and Diploma in TESOL both online and in Distance mode. A TESOL Certification helps a teachers get teaching jobs not only in Indian schools but colleges, language institutes as well as corporations.

The diploma course is more reflective and research based and perfect for teachers who wish further specialization.

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