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Teaching as a profession has been around for centuries. Along with great leaders their tutors or teachers are remembered forever. Can anyone talk of Alexander the Great and not remember Aristotle or Chandragupta and not talk of his teacher and mentor Chanakya?

Leadership qualities may be an inborn trait in some but it still needs proper nurturing and environment to flourish and prosper; and perhaps without proper teaching many a great man would not achieve what they did. A good teacher is one whose teaching motivates youngsters to realize their full potential.

A teacher influences many young minds; usually the malleable young minds can be fashioned in any form by the teacher. The young children consider teachers to be role models and many a times they can be seen imitating their class teacher while playing. Hence, teachers are entrusted with a huge responsibility and it is now become compulsory for teachers to go through a teacher training course before they can start teaching. Plenty of online teacher training courses are also available to apprise to the aspirants and experienced teachers all the skills and know-how required to teach.

Teaching is considered to be a noble profession and even if it may not be financially as rewarding as other jobs. But it has its own rewards and they are most satisfying. When ones students fare well in life and return to express their gratitude to you for teaching them the basic skills your heart swells with pride and joy.

Importance of Teaching has been realized by the world and now the teachers are way better paid than the older generations. ESL teaching jobs are very lucrative and there is immense demand for good TEFL certified teachers.

TEFL /TESOL certificate from Asian College of Teachers is universally acclaimed and accepted. It will help teachers to locate teaching assignments anywhere in the world. The TEFL /TESOL certificate for ESL teaching is available in Online and Distance modes. The candidates can choose three levels of TEFL course available, TEFL Certificate Course, TEFL Diploma Course and TEFL Advanced Diploma Course.

All these courses are available in the online mode. The online teacher training courses are equally effective with the added advantage of teachers doing the course from home without having to shift base for three weeks. The online teacher training courses are aspiring for both aspiring and professional teachers and opens up a wide variety of opportunities. Armed with the appropriate certifications, teachers can find ESL jobs easily both at home and abroad. The online teacher training programs are also a great opportunity for professionals wishing to change their career. One can pursue the online teacher training programs at their own convenience and take up lucrative ESL teaching jobs in any part of the world and explore and travel to exotic locations.

Teaching jobs in India have grown in huge numbers thanks to the mushrooming of pre-primary and primary schools in India. The Pre and Primary course with special stress on English teaching equips teachers with skills to efficiently teach young learners. It is also available in Onsite, Online and Distance mode. Apart from its very popular Pre and Primary course, ACT also offers a number of other teacher training courses like the Nursery teacher training course and core pre-primary teacher training courses.

Almost all of ACT's teacher training courses are available online. ACT offers online teacher training courses to cater to the busy students and working teachers or professionals. These online teacher training courses are a great way of pursuing one's teaching dreams without hindering one's busy schedules. ACT's Pre and Primary online teacher training program is duly supported by videos to provide a classroom feel and helps trainees to better understand the lessons. The online teacher training courses have as much value and credibility as their onsite counterparts. Moreover, those pursuing the online teacher training courses don't have to worry about being set apart from those pursuing the onsite course because the mode of education (online/distance/onsite) is not mentioned on the certificate.

ACT's Pre and Primary course is perfect for teachers who enjoy teaching young learners and developing the young minds to their fullest potential. If Teaching is your passion ACT will help you to find placement and realize the dream.

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