Teaching English in Latin America

Those who are interested about teaching in South America there is huge opportunities for anyone who is a native speaker of English. It is important for the locals to communicate to the world whether it is the waiters or the fisherman English language is a key link between the local residents and the visitors.

Except for some very popular cities there is a scarcity of teachers as South America is often known a place of poverty, crime, lot of corruption and danger. And last but not the least one get to hear about drug barons and dictators.

On the contrary South America is a home of generous and warm people who often welcome travelers of the world. And that's the reason why the people are interested to learn the language. It becomes difficult to communicate to the world without a working knowledge of English.

There is a strong commercial link between two American continents, for which there is a great demand for the business community to learn the language. South America has a great influence of US and they are both culturally and economically influenced by the United States.

Novice teachers are employed by chain of English Language learning schools. So there is a great chance of fresher to gain experience in Latin America, as most of the counties look for experienced teachers. Many South American counties have American and British style schools, normally they look for students and university graduates who are looking for brief periods of work experience as classroom assistants.

It is a good experience to teach the Latin American students as they love to interact. Anyone with a good academic record or have diplomas and have the enthusiasm can contact well established chain of Language schools.

The academic year begins in February or early March and lasts until December. And the best time to hunt for a job here few weeks before summer holidays. Though there are number of language schools who hire the native speakers of English throughout the year for 8-12 week courses.

But a battery of documents is required for work visa. All should be notarized and officially translated copies of teaching qualifications. And one has to pay a hefty amount of money for police clearance.

If one is ready to face these condition South American countries is the destination for you.

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