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Since English has become 'the language the world communicates in', English Trainers are in great demand. A trainer's job is not restricted to teaching English to non English speakers. Does that mean a trainer now aims at teaching English for Specific purpose, such as for competitive exams GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc? No it entails a lot more.

A trainer can be a teacher specializing in teaching Business English to professionals, candidates appearing for job interviews and to college goers. Teaching Business English also entails training candidates in acquiring skills like composing email, making presentations etc.

A trainer can be attached to a corporate house specially BPO, as a voice and accent trainer. It would be his /her task to ensure that employees in the company be fluent in English or possess at least sufficient communication skills to be able to make themselves understood to foreign clients and native speakers.

As a trainer one may be employed by language institutes to train and upgrade their teachers. In the language institute they are expected to work on creating the curriculum, course material, evaluation and so on.

A trainer may also find gainful employment in multinationals as a business English and soft skill trainer. As a soft skill trainer s/he needs to train employees in social etiquette and table manner. Also train them in the 'art of small talk' i.e. how to carry on small talk in a social gathering and how to conduct oneself in the presence of foreign clients.

Trainers are being employed by professional institutes like IIM, hospitality management and Engineering colleges to hone their students' communicative skills.

Qualifications for Trainers

A trainer must possess near native proficiency in English and possess a university degree in English (preferred not essential) and must be a TEFL or TESOL or CELTA or CIEFL trained. Recognized Certification is essential for trainers aiming to teach and train English. Trainee teachers are trained on the required skills and know-how in these various teacher training courses.

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