Adult ESL Teaching

USA, UK, Australia are countries where English is the native language, and immigrants to these countries need to be fluent in English to be better placed in life and they need to undergo Adult ESL teaching course.

The immigrants enter the English speaking countries as adults and usually they have a lot of responsibility and very little money to spend on acquiring fluency in the language that will help them to go up the social and financial ladder. Adult ESL teaching programs are common in these countries and qualified ESL teachers are always in demand.

The Adult ESL learners are a challenging lot for the teachers geared to teach them English.

Adult ESL Teaching requires teachers to frame courses and work sheets and activities based on topics that will interest the adult .and help them to develop their communication skills fast.

It is not of much use asking adults to watch movies in English or the news as this type of immersion for people with minimal knowledge of English is often counter-productive.

It is imperative to first help adults gain a certain amount of familiarity with the language through much exercise and drill and reading of simple ESL.

Purpose behind ESL Courses

These courses usually communicate job related English language skills. The intention is to furnish adults with sufficient language power to be an efficient worker in their chosen field of work.

The lessons thus should be framed keeping the learner's language level in mind. They are ESL learners and not learning English as First language.

Curriculum for Adult teaching

The curriculum should be communication based. Grammar and pronunciation skills should be stressed but the learner should not be overwhelmed by it.

English grammar for every rule has many exceptions and too much grammar emphasis is futile when teaching ESL.

Teaching English language to adults in chunks and not as isolated vocabulary is more productive. Teach them usage of words, collocations, the position of words in a sentence and not just random vocabulary. The lexical approach is more helpful.

Teaching adults ESL through job related topics yield better results with adults.

Lastly the curriculum should mainly focus on learners' needs and take into consideration what the learner is keen on.

It is very important to set the bar high. Let the learners expectations from the course are set high.

Give assignments not very time consuming and detailed ones, but work that they can easily do without disrupting the normal schedule - like a keeping a daily language journal that must be maintained every week.

Asian College of Teachers trains ESL teachers who can effectively handle Adult students. Adult ESL teaching is effective.

The TESOL onsite and online modes have a curriculum that ensures its candidates emerge as capable teachers qualified to teach ESL to adults.

The Online Diploma in TESOL and Business English or BETT inculcates trainees with techniques needed for tackling adults and their special language needs.

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