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If you are looking for a paid ESL job do The TEFL /TESOL certificate and secure it. All ESL jobs now demand that the teachers have TEFL /TESOL training.

At present many crave for English teaching jobs or want to be ESL teachers. To fulfill this dream one needs to be TEFL /TESOL certified. Asian College of Teachers offers universally recognized certificate that makes its candidates eligible to apply for paid ESL jobs across the globe.

Candidates interested in becoming ESL teachers may opt for Online /Onsite TEFL course provided by Asian College of Teachers.

ACT has extensive connections with academic institutions in all the continents of the world. Not all countries have the same requirement for ESL teachers. ACT staffs do their utmost to find paid ESL jobs for their trainees in the country of their choice.

The ESL opportunities are no longer restricted to schools. TESOL certified teachers can always be pre - primary teachers or high school English teachers. So get TESOL certificate and get a paid ESL job abroad.

But now teaching jobs are present in business houses and in language schools. The TEFL certified teachers can join the corporate world as language trainers to their employees in effective communication and etiquette both business and social.

Jobs are many for the TEFL certified, one can be home tutors and online teachers as well.

One can travel to beautiful destinations and experience different lifestyle and culture, but first one needs to get a certificate from an accredited TEFL course provider. Asian College of Teachers is a reliable course provider and its special feature is that for its candidates and graduates it checks out job offers and assists in all possible manner to secure paid ESL jobs.

ACT assists all its candidates with job placement.

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