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With the recognition of English as a global language, there is a great demand for qualified English teachers equipped with the necessary tools and resources. Job prospects around the world for ESL teachers are increasing by the day especially for those teachers who have completed formal training under the able guidance of Asian College of Teachers. Teachers who hold a TESOL certificate are regarded as "complete teachers," as they are more conversant with the latest techniques and methodologies of teaching the language. Hence, they have more access to quality jobs than the other teachers.

There are a wide variety of opportunities to choose from and a teacher with a TESOL certificate from Asian College of Teachers can confidently handle it all. Since the institute has an International accreditation, the ACT trained teachers certainly has an edge over the others and the best are always reserved for them. Moreover, teachers trained by ACT are certainly in a better position to negotiate with the different schools and institutions. Innumerable teachers who have graduated from the institute are working for reputed institutions in different countries of the world and have successfully implemented the techniques and methodologies in their regular schools. During the course, the trainee teachers are exposed to real classroom situations when they are taken to different schools for teaching practice sessions. So, by the end of the third week the trainee teachers are highly motivated and are ready to handle different class sizes, all kinds of students and difficult classroom situations.

Asian College of Teachers does not shed its responsibilities with the completion of the course. We assure our trainees lifelong help and guidance as we believe that we share a very special bond with each of our trainees and want them to excel in life. Contact details of various schools, their working conditions and information on schools searching for qualified teachers are also provided. The highly qualified and experienced trainers also assist in documenting the resume and also prepare the teachers for interviews. All forms of assistance in terms of job search and choosing the best option, to negotiating with the prospective employers are provided by ACT. Moreover, since the institute has a worldwide network peers exchange valuable information on the job market.

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