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Total Physical Response a.ka. TPR Teaching Is Nailing the Global ESL Market

When young learners are learning English for the first time, the scenario is similar to when they learned to speak their native language for the 1st time. TPR teaching practice makes sense when ESL teachers couple gestures and words to teach them and students feel more comfortable in that format. It includes body language, facial expressions, physical props, etc. ...

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Live In Bali Tax-Free For 5 Years With New Digital Nomad Visa

Indonesia is offering Digital Nomad visa to remote workers to live there tax-free for 5 years. To attract higher-spending tourists so that remote employees may work from the beachside villas that line the shore of the Indonesian island. ...

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Helpful Tips To Overcome Loneliness As An Online TEFL Educator?

While teaching abroad, your family members may be hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. Your colleagues can be struggling due to any reason. Help them out if that is within your reach and you can become good friends. A good friend in a different country is a monumental resource. ...

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