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How To Promote Your Language School In 2024? 6 Digital Marketing Tips!

As a TEFL professional looking to expand your career, there can be numerous benefits of having a TEFL certificate. One of the most difficult paths you can choose is to be an independent entrepreneur or freelancer. One of the most vital things you will have to do when starting an English school or teaching English as a freelancer is persuading prospective students to choose you over your rivals when they are trying to learn the language. This decision-making process heavily relies on your web presence. The success of your language school depends on several factors. However, these digital marketing tips will make your potential students aware of your products or services.

6 Tried And Tested Tips To Promote Your English School

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These are a few strategies that can help you attract more students to your English:

  1. Tell Relatable Stories

    Stories bring an audience together, are simple to recall, and motivate action. A compelling narrative may stick in people's minds far more than a dry service description. Choose the most poignant tales and employ empathy to establish a connection with your audience if you want to make the largest effect.

    You may relate to English students' own experiences through emotional content, which also helps to enhance tale memory. Don't explain the story, show it. This allows the prospective student to interact with the story's specifics through words, actions, sensory details, and emotional expression. Consider which approaches would best communicate the narrative. These might be posts on social media, a webpage, a video, or all of them.

  2. Provide Social Proof

    Through the presentation of data and customer reviews, organizations may demonstrate the value of their product or service through social proof in marketing.  Whether you like it or not, most of the time you want to go with the flow. Social proof can be offered in several ways such as you can have thousands of students as loyal followers on your social media profiles.

    You can also ask your friends to follow or use your products and services or share their experiences. To make things more authentic you can receive several accreditations from respectable TEFL/TESOL organizations.

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  3. Automate Emails

    You aim to establish a genuine and beneficial connection with prospective English students. There are several touchpoints along the sales funnel, from the beginning to the automation at the conclusion.

    You’re looking for methods to make the process of getting them enrolled in one of your English classes go as smoothly as possible. You won't even need to put much effort into sending automated messages to prospective or existing English students when you have an email automation platform like the ones listed above to help you with it. It may be closely related to routine, daily email correspondence.

  4. Fill Your Website With Content

    To make sure your website is optimized and that you can get applications or inquiries about your English classes, the content of your English school website is essential. And never forget that the secret to a successful content strategy is to always customize it for the audience you want to draw in for your English classes.

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    Understand your potential audience and use online tracking tools to keep track of your customers and visitors. Based on what your prospective English students look for, provide insightful, pertinent, reliable, and trustworthy information such as blog entries, videos, and guides. Include visuals, opportunities to engage and stay connected, and also personalize your content.

  5. Use Short Form Videos

    Generally, short-form videos last 10 minutes or less, although many just last 30 seconds! They are simple to build, easily shared, and offer lots of chances for prospective students to interact with your institution and brand. Give up considering ‘video marketing’ to be a stand-alone, optional activity for your company.

    You should use video in every facet of your current marketing campaigns as it's a powerful communication tool. Use user-generated videos, teasers, behind-the-scenes, how-to videos, and tutorials to keep your prospective students engaged.

  6. Leverage Social Media

    There are several methods to engage and communicate with prospective English language learners on social media. You may utilize social media as a customer service tool in addition to your standard channels of communication, like email and phone since it is a continuously expanding avenue. Give them content that is helpful and relevant to them rather than just attempting to sell them.

    Even while interacting with people online is crucial, there are situations when offline connection is still necessary. You have the option to communicate with someone online and provide them with the contact information of an employee of your institution. Social media may be used to invite people in person to an event held at your English school, or the other way around.

Flourish And Shine With Digital Marketing

It's critical to track your progress in each of these areas of your language school's digital marketing plan and make necessary modifications to get better over time. Additionally, if you want to be equipped with the methodologies and procedures of ESL, it is best to pursue an Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL Program. Learn and research about your field to give your school the best possible start.

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