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Teaching English Online: Should You Work Independently Or With A Company?

Technology changed the ESL teaching profession like no one else's business. Teaching international students no longer requires you to traverse international borders. Even better, it won't be difficult to locate a workplace or classroom where you can hold in-person meetings. You should take teaching English online seriously because it's a compensated position. However, before you begin, you need to pursue an Online Bachelor of Education in TESOL or any other TEFL course to satisfy the basic requirements.

Here is what a TEFL course can do for you.

Start Teaching Online With A TEFL/TESOL Certification

Make sure you're qualified before you consider teaching English online for a business or on your own. The good news is that neither a certain degree nor a lot of experience are prerequisites. You must, at least have a TEFL certification. Start with a general certificate of at least 120 hours, these are recognized globally in both online and traditional educational settings.

Additionally, getting a Specialized Certification in Teaching English Online can help you stand out in this expanding area. If you want to be as competitive as possible as an online English teacher, particularly when marketing your services through a teacher marketplace or when starting your own tutoring business, A TEFL certification is a must.

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Should You Work Independently Or With A Company?

It's time to enter the online teaching job market after receiving your Online Bachelor of Education in TESOL certification and feeling ready. When it comes to teaching online, there are essentially three kinds. Which one you select will rely on your commitment level, tastes, and ambitions.

  • You can work with an already-established online teaching company
  • You can work through a teacher marketplace
  • You can work independently

Working With An Established Company

To start in this sector, working with an online English tuition organization is highly recommended.


  • Working with a firm often gives some help if you're new to teaching English online. This includes onboarding, training, tutorials, and in some circumstances, a mentor or possibilities for professional growth.
  • Working with a firm relieves you of the burden of locating students because the company already has a bank of them that you can choose from or allocate to you based on your availability.
  • Working with a corporation also saves you the trouble of creating lesson plans and teaching materials, since these are handled for you.
  • Working with a firm will save you from having to make a teacher profile, intro video, or website to get students, unlike working for yourself—through a teacher marketplace or your own business.


  • Out of the three options listed above, the income potential for this option is the lowest. There is always an upper limit to how much you can make per hour even when they provide their instructors the opportunity to earn extra through performance-based incentives.
  • When working for a firm, you'll probably be required to wear a uniform, adhere to set work schedules, and take pre-made, highly regimented training. You will have no room for creativity as you will have to teach a set curriculum.
  • To locate the ideal employer for you, you'll need to put in some extra effort throughout your job search. A few things to think about include the curriculum the firm employs, how many students are enrolled, whether the organization serves adults, teenagers, or young learners, and its location.

Work Independently Or Start Your Own Business

This method entails creating a website to advertise your tutoring services and deciding on a platform for your English lessons, which you will design and instruct according to your schedule.


  • If you choose this path, the possibilities are endless in terms of how much money you can make and how you may organize and arrange your lessons.
  • You are free to invest as much time as you wish in the company. You may start small and run the entire company by yourself if you enjoy what you do and have some prior expertise.
  • There are no startup expenses for your teaching company in terms of overhead, storage, packing, etc. You'll save a ton of money and time doing this.
  • You may achieve some incredible advantages if you're prepared to put in the effort to start from zero, locate your online pupils, and do some marketing.


  • When it comes to your teaching business, there is a lot of competition, so you must invest a significant amount of time in researching the industry and determining where demand is.
  • Usually, you have to pay significant self-employment taxes. Knowing how much you will pay in taxes per year may help you decide if the task you are doing is worthwhile.
  • Work-life can occasionally take precedence over other things, however, this is not always a bad thing. This can increase the stress of starting a new business and put a strain on friends and family.
  • One of the main drawbacks of beginning a teaching company is this. It's critical to realize that you could have to be available around the clock.

Get Your Teaching English Online Right

The globe has gotten so small thanks to the internet that it's conceivable that you will have pupils from nations you have never even been to. But keep in mind that there is much more to teaching English online than just tricky grammatical rules. Take advantage of this chance by pursuing an Online Bachelor of Education in TESOL to bridge the digital gap, educate your children about other cultures, and share your own culture.

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