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6 Ways You Can Use AI To Act As Your Assistant

For ESL teachers, artificial intelligence (AI) has completely transformed the game. With this potent tool, they may increase output, expedite procedures, and even customize the learning process for each student. Read on to learn some useful methods to integrate AI into your classroom and how you may utilize it as your personal teaching assistant to automate and streamline your teaching duties while gaining the benefit of having a TEFL certificate.

6 Ways To Save Time By Using AI As A Teaching Assistant

Examples of AI in Education

Let’s look at some ways educators can use AI in the classroom to meet student’s learning objectives a little better:

  1. Personalize Learning Using AI-Driven Analytics

    To meet the unique demands of English language learners, the majority of online learning systems now use analytics produced by AI. It is now easier than ever to evaluate students and create personalized courses by automating the analysis of each learner's performance.

    AI programs may analyze trends for you in place of manually evaluating student grades and exam results. This will provide you with the necessary knowledge to pinpoint your students' areas of strength and growth.

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  2. Use AI Tools To Automate Clerical Tasks

    A significant portion of instructors' daily schedules are devoted to administrative duties including grading assignments, checking papers, and providing one-on-one feedback to students. AI algorithms are used by grading assistant systems to assess students' responses and produce marks and comprehensive comments according to the standards you've established.

    Teachers may also upload files or photos of their students' responses even handwritten work for the AI technology to review on these sites. There are also apps useful for editing essays or lengthy texts. These applications can recognize several kinds of errors and provide specific, unbiased writing advice. They can also recognize text that has been created by AI, which helps you identify plagiarism.

  3. Generate Activities And Enhance Lesson Plans

    By providing AI assistants with prompts to generate lesson plans and activity ideas, teachers may spend less time searching the internet for interesting class activities and lesson ideas. You may also come up with suggestions on how to add more materials and activities to your present lesson plans to make them better.

    You may use various AI-supported technologies, particularly for course personalization, to generate additional content ideas and design lesson plans that are tailored to the requirements and interests of your students.

  4. Create Supplementary Assessments And Resources

    In addition to creating lesson plans, artificial intelligence (AI) may serve as your personal teaching assistant by creating handouts, customizing games, creating interactive tests or quizzes, and creating other learning tools.

    AI can make your course materials more interesting in addition to saving you time when creating them from scratch.

  5. Introduce Students To AI

    The scarcity of chances for extracurricular English practice worries a lot of EFL students. Many students look for strategies to practice certain abilities, such as mastering native English phrases, enhancing their pronunciation, and recognizing various accents.

    You may assist your students in discovering chances for further study by suggesting AI applications that will enhance their English classes.

  6. Generate A Copy Of Tasks With AI

    AI may help with jobs that require composing texts for specific audiences, such as creating material for marketing or social media or sending emails with news or comments. Self-employed English instructors balance business-related responsibilities in addition to their teaching responsibilities.

    Many of these procedures may be automated by AI technologies, which can also effectively assist with copy generation for a range of purposes.

Work Smart With AI

With its ability to provide individualized learning experiences, automate administrative processes, and improve lesson preparation with cutting-edge tools, artificial intelligence has completely transformed the field of ESL teaching. Instructors with an Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL Program may effectively meet the requirements of their students, develop interesting lesson plans, and expand learning possibilities outside of the classroom by utilizing AI as a personal teaching assistant.

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