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Utilize 5 Hypothesis of Dr. Krashen's To Improve Second Language Proficiency For Non-Native English Students

For every student learning and writing their own native language is challenging and if they are learning these skills in any foreign or second language like English then it requires more effort, practice, and commitment from the student’s end.

As English has become a language that is spoken worldwide and it’s become a necessity for every individual to learn English to thrive in their life. According to dotefl.com and Statista recent survey, it has been found that English is the most spoken language worldwide (1.5 million).

English is the most spoken language worldwide
Source: dotefl.com

Because of this, there is a huge demand for TEFL teachers around the world and every country’s education sector wants its citizens especially youth to acquire English language skills.

In the educational literature world, acquiring any foreign language or secondary language is called a Second Language Acquisition (SLA) which is influenced by different factors such as-

  • Socio-cultural aspects
  • Particular language being learners as a second, third, or fourth language.

One of the renowned linguists Dr. Stephen D. Krashen believes language acquisition requires meaningful interaction with the desired language to learn.

Dr. Krashen has also come up with five hypotheses related to second language acquisition, which can help every educator to help their student to achieve native-like proficiency in a second language.

Let’s get to know five hypotheses or theories which is proposed by Dr. Krashen.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What are the 5 theories of second language acquisition of Dr. Krashen?

1. Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis

According to this hypothesis, there’s a difference between the language learning and language acquisition process.

Language learning means that the learners will discover and learn the rules and grammatical structure of the language consciously.

Whereas, Language acquisition means that learners acquire language unconsciously like they have picked up their native language.

2. Monitor Hypothesis

Monitor Hypothesis simply states that learners consciously learn all the grammar functions and rules rather than learning its literal meaning. This hypothesis focuses on recollecting the previous learning and making the required corrections to it. There are three conditions to make this theory effective for the learners:

  • Learners should have enough time to analyze their learning
  • Learners must be focused on using correct language forms
  • Lastly, learners must know the rules of the language.

3. Natural Order Hypothesis

According to the Natural Order Hypothesis, learners acquire any language's grammatical structure in a fixed and predictable order. However, as a teacher, there’s no fixation that you need to teach in this order to your non-native students.

4. Input Hypothesis

The Input Hypothesis puts more emphasis on the acquisition of secondary language. In simple words, how learners progress from the current level of language acquisition to a higher level through meaningful context.

For better understanding, try to present new language knowledge and information in a fun and interactive way to help students achieve native-like proficiency in a second language.

5. Affective Filter Hypothesis

The Affective Filter Hypothesis focuses on the learner's language acquisition process being hindered by various internal and external factors.

External factors like- classroom noise and disturbance during language acquisition.

Internal factors like- anxiety, stressed-out, low self-esteem, and confidence.

All these filter affects the learner’s language acquisition process. Try to mitigate all these reasons to make a smooth language acquisition process for students.

Make Second Language Acquisition Process Seamless with Dr. Krashen's Hypothesis

Learning any foreign language like English is not an easy task for non-native students. However, one of the renowned linguists Dr. Krashen has proposed five hypotheses related to second language acquisition with which every TEFL teacher can make the language acquisition process easier and simpler for non-native English speakers achieving native-like proficiency in a second language.

So, if you also have a desire to make a positive impact on non-native Enlgish speakers’ life then consider pursuing courses like the Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL Program and make your dream a reality.

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