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You Can Earn Extra By Using These English Teaching Alternatives

What is the best way to teach English? Well, there are multiple ways, using which you can teach English online. Having 120 hours of TEFL course online certification will aid you with opportunities to teach English as a foreign language abroad. This is one of the best online teaching English opportunities where you can learn more about EFL courses.

This online course will not only help you with TEFL training but also with ESL teaching, surfing TEFL jobs, classroom management, lesson planning, and so on. You'll get a wholesome teaching experience while attending the TEFL classes. If you're planning to become an online English teacher then you must have a TEFL certificate, must be able to speak English fluently, and should have a Bachelor's degree. It is not necessary for you to be a native English speaker to become an online English teacher.

To be very honest, even if you do not have TEFL certification you can still become an English teacher. There are so many alternative ways using which you can become a successful English teacher. This opportunity will give you a golden chance to work from home where working hours will solely depend upon your availability. Hence, you can give proper tutor support to students who need it.


To begin with, you can start launching a youtube channel where you shall be teaching English online. Technically speaking, youtube is the platform where you can learn anything and that too in a very precise way. This approach is a great way to help your students get to know you. A youtube channel can help foster a community around your teaching, which can establish trust in your credentials as a teacher, leading to more students. Once you have a minimum of 1000 youtube subscribers, you can even monetize your channel, meaning you can have a source of extra money.

But there are certain things that you must keep in mind while creating a teaching platform on youtube. Content is the king and therefore, you must be able to create exciting content that will attract your viewers. Remember, your personality will play a great role in gaining followers and subscribers because your students do not want to learn English from a teacher who does not seem confident, smart, and convincing.


Offering online course materials can help you gain the legit trust of your e-learning students. Well, even though people are switching to the online mode of study these days yet they must have the access to the study materials for self-study. The best part about creating an online course is that you are in control of the structure, the price, the content, and who can have the access to it.


Might sound extremely fascinating and too much millennial but trust me Instagram reels are taking over online marketing like never before! Periodically posting relevant content increases the number of viewers and this method is perfect who are camera-ready and are always prepared to speak in front of a crowd be it in reality or virtual.

An Instagram reel has a limited time constraint, i.e., a reel can not exceed more than 60 seconds. Thus, short and crisp content can be made daily and must be uploaded with proper editing. This will give an impression of microlearning where your students (viewers) shall be learning English in small modules.

Besides, you can also go live on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to your viewers for a small time. I will recommend you to not stay live on social media for more than 15-20 minutes because preaching microlearning is the main motto.


Online platforms having videos have become the most popular content but blogs and websites remain popular and useful for English teachers and students alike. Blogs are useful resources for English learners, which of course could help to promote your career and web presence elsewhere.

These are the 4 alternatives that you can apply as the best way to teach English online. You can impart knowledge on EFL courses online using these methodologies and teaching students online does not require to have prior teaching practices. Having certification in online TEFL courses will guide you the best to become a successful English teacher.


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