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Does Gender Affect Online Educational Opportunity?

Nowadays, a majority of the ESL teachers you will see teaching English online are female. This has turned several skilled and professional male teachers away from a possibly rewarding work-at-home prospect. With this, male teachers might wonder if gender plays a role in getting hired as well as being fruitful.

Obstinate stereotypes around the comparative ability of girls and boys in schools do have a direct impact on the type of subjects that learners pursue. A US study on gender typecasts found that ‘common stereotypes associate high-level intellectual ability (brilliance, genius) with men more than women.’ These stereotypes deject young girls from pursuing specific subjects and fields. These eventually influence their career picks too.

Is it true that online ESL companies prefer hiring female teachers?

In short, NO it’s not. Good companies want to hire skilled ESL/EFL teachers that will make a perfect fit for their company. They are absolutely not interested in hiring precisely male teachers or female teachers, rather than those that fit their teaching credentials.

If you have the teaching English qualifications like TEFL course online certificate, you are certainly qualified to apply and get hired, irrespective of gender. Nevertheless, some companies are quite particular about age limits of the teachers, but this part has more to do with the countries’ government regulations or administrative rubrics than anything else.

Now, you might have seen that the male and female teachers’ ratio on all online teaching platforms is quite contrasting, the majority of the cases, the female demographic is much higher than the men. Well, this could be due to a lot of reasons, but it might have to deal with the over-representation of female educators in most of the training videos as well as social media descriptions and content.

Why are men lessened in online teaching?

Well, the major reason can be is because there are a very limited number of male online teachers on social media presenting how possible it is to teach English online. It also has been seen that more and more female teachers are showing how to teach English online on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.

The lack of potential and capable male role models on various social media platforms could be a restrictive reason for male teachers to pursue this type of work simply because of under-representation online media platforms.

The fact is male teachers can be very successful in online ESL teaching. As there are fewer male educators on many of the popular media platforms, there is a huge demand for male teachers. In fact, any teacher can gain popularity by the way of the branding they do for themselves in their classrooms.

Final Thoughts

Online English teaching is a place for anyone who’s TEFL certified. There are lots of prospects for you to build a successful online teaching English business.  Even if it seems to be typically represented by females, rest guaranteed that male teachers are at no drawback in this industry, even.

 It is up to you, how you connect with your students and teach quality classes and this will make your learners want to return.


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