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Teaching English In Taipei, Taiwan, The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide Of 2023

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a popular profession in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, which is an East Asian country with a high demand for English education as most citizens are keen on learning how to prepare for oral English exams and written exams to earn a better future.

As such, many native English speakers come to Taipei to teach English as a foreign language. If you want to have a good time teaching within the lush mountainous terrain, spectacular coastlines, and neon-lit lights of Taipei, you have landed at the right place. Here is everything you would want to know before entering the bustling capital of Taiwan.

Educational Qualifications

To teach English in Taipei, you typically need:

  • To be a citizen of a native English-speaking country or have near-native fluency
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree
  • At least 120 hours of TEFL certification is a must
  • Experience of around 1-2 years for public schools and 3+ years for international schools
  • Should not be more than 35 years of age

In addition to the basic qualifications, some schools may require a clean background check and a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) certification. Needless to mention, competition is typically fierce in Taipei and qualifications can vary from institution to institution. Thus, proper planning and good research can help you find the best jobs and have wonderful experiences in Taipei.

Visa Requirements

To legally teach English in Taipei, you must obtain a work visa. The requirements for a work visa include a bachelor's degree, a TEFL certification, and a clean criminal record. Additionally, you must have a job offer from a school or institution that is registered with the Taiwanese government. After which the process is pretty straightforward as you will need to only get a health check and provide the results to your employer. Then your employer will bear all the burden and will assist you in changing your initial visa status to a visitor visa after which you can apply for a work permit.

However, the process of obtaining a work visa can be time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork. It is best to work with a reputable recruitment agency or to have your employer assist you with the visa process. Once you have your work visa, you can legally work in Taipei for up to one year. You can renew your visa annually as long as you continue to meet the requirements.

Types of Jobs

There are various types of TEFL jobs available in Taipei, including public and private schools, language institutes, and tutoring. Here are some of the most common types of TEFL jobs in Taipei:

  • Public Schools

Public schools in Taipei hire foreign teachers to teach English to students of all ages. The classes are typically large, with up to 30 students per class. The schedule is Monday to Friday, typically 15 hours a week from 8:30 am to 5 pm and the salary is competitive with other teaching positions.

You can expect to earn around $2,075-$3,015 every month along with the tear-end bonuses, contract renewal bonuses, and more.

  • Private Schools

Private schools in Taipei offer English language programs to students of all ages. The classes are typically smaller than those in public schools, with around 15 students per class, and are expected to work for around 16-30 hours every week.

The schedule is also Monday to Friday, and the salary is similar to that of public schools. You can expect to earn a slightly smaller salary than in public schools which is approximately $1,675-$2,000 per month.

  • International Schools

This is one of the most coveted jobs by expats in Taipei as they usually teach a UK or American school curriculum. Since the teaching is similar to your home country you will be expected to fulfill your contract obligations.

Most international schools cover the home flight costs and reimburse the visa cost. They also give you money for school supplies and the best thing is the salary is tax-free. As an international school teacher, you can earn around $6,700 per month.

  • Colleges And Universities

These opportunities are the most competitive ones and are very hard to come by. To teach in these institutions you need to have a master’s degree and the work hours are also varied. Don’t be surprised if you are expected to work on weekends depending on your course load.

The starting salary is relatively low as compared to the others and you can earn around $1,1745 per month but you also get overtime pay of around $337 per month. Moreover, higher qualifications earn you a higher salary.

  • Language Institutes

Language institutes also known as Busiban in Taipei offer English language courses to both adults and children. The classes are smaller than those in schools, with around 10 students per class.

The schedule is often more flexible than in schools, with evening and weekend classes available. The salary for language institute teachers is typically higher than that of public or private school teachers. Working here you can earn around $30-$40 per hour.

  • Tutoring

Many Taiwanese families hire English tutors for their children. The tutoring schedule is flexible, and the pay can be high. However, it can be challenging to find enough students to make a full-time living from tutoring alone.

But if you do manage to get a good gig then you can earn a whopping salary of about $347-$600 per month. Depending on the number of hours you put in, you have the potential to earn more, making it a handsome side gig.

One Step Closer To Your Dream Job

Teaching English in Taipei can be a rewarding experience for those who are interested in travel, culture, and education. Being the capital city there are endless recreation options and it also offers an impressive blend of natural and urban beauty making it the most targeted location for teaching English in Asia. If you have a Bachelor of Education in TESOL and want to land a teaching gig here, don’t think twice and just go for it.


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