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Teach English Online with the Perfect Set Of Supplies & Props!

Teaching English online has become a popular option for educators worldwide. It offers a flexible schedule, the ability to work remotely, and the chance to interact with students from around the globe. Especially since the pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in online education.

According to weforum.org, in 2021 the no. of learners and enrollment of students in different online courses has increased massively, and from here this number of learners online is expected to keep growing.

upward trend in online learning
Source: weforum.org

However, teaching English online is not that simple and it has its own set of challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned TEFL teacher or a complete fresher using the right teaching tools and props can make all the difference in creating a successful and engaging classroom environment.

So, without any further delay, let's dive in and explore these must-have TEFL teaching online props supplies and tools for teaching English online!

Importance of essential supplies and classroom props for teaching English online

While you teach English online, having the right supplies and classroom props can make a significant difference in the quality of your lessons. These tools not only help to create an engaging learning environment but also make your job as a teacher easier and more efficient. Here are some reasons why essential supplies and classroom props are crucial for teaching English online:

1. Increased Participation

Engaging students is an essential aspect of instructing. With the proper classroom tools and props, you can make your lessons more engaging and interactive, thereby keeping your students attentive and motivated to learn.

2. Utilisation of Visual Aids

Visual aids are an important tool for online learning. They make complex concepts more attainable and more straightforward for one to understand. By using visual aids, you may help the student’s to understand difficult concepts with ease.

3. Increased Effectiveness:

With the proper materials and aids, you can streamline your instruction and save time. Using a digital whiteboard, for instance, you can write and erase notes without switching between applications or programs.

Now, let’s get to know what TEFL teaching online props and tools you must have while you teach English online:

1. Computer/Laptop and Reliable Internet Connection

The first and most important supply for teaching English online is a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection. Your computer or laptop should be able to handle online teaching software and video conferencing tools without lagging or crashing.

When it comes to an internet connection, a stable and quick connection is required for streamlined online instruction. A slow or unreliable Internet connection can result in dropped calls, blurry video, and lagging audio, which can have a negative impact on the quality of your lessons.

2. Use Of Digital Whiteboard

A Digital whiteboard is an essential tool to teach English online. It allows you to write and draw, making it easier for you to explain concepts virtually better. While traditional whiteboards are useful, they can be challenging to use when teaching online. That's why you should consider using a digital whiteboard instead, which enables you to write and draw directly on your computer screen.

3. Flash Cards and other Visual Aids

To teach English online, using flashcards and other visual aids is a great way to make your online lessons more interactive and engaging. Flashcards can be used to teach vocabulary, sentence structures, and even grammar rules. There are many types of flashcards available like, Digital flashcards, paper flashcards, and even virtual flashcards, etc.

Consider using additional visual aids besides flashcards, such as images, videos, and charts. These tools can help make abstract concepts more concrete and easier to grasp. For instance, pictures can be used to teach adjectives, and videos can be used to teach verb tenses.

4. TEFL Teaching Online Props for Young Students

Using props, toys, or puppets to engage and maintain the attention of young students during lessons can be an effective method of teaching. Props and toys can help create a fun and playful learning environment, making it easier for young students to learn and retain the lessons well.

Picture books, stuffed animals, and puppets are popular props and toys for young learners. You can use these resources to teach vocabulary, sentence structures, and even elementary grammar rules. For instance, you can use a stuffed animal to teach prepositions of place and a puppet to teach question words.

5. Ideal Headset With a Mic and a Webcam

Online instruction requires a high-quality headset with a microphone and webcam. A headset with a built-in microphone will help in reducing background noise and ensure that your students can hear you clearly when you teach English online. A webcam is also essential, as it allows your students to see you during the class.

Choose a headset with a noise-cancelling feature to make it easier for your students to hear you by reducing background noise. You should also select a headset with a comfortable fit, as you may be required to wear it for extended periods of time.

Tips for establishing a suitable virtual learning environment

Along with having the proper materials and classroom props, it is essential to create a conducive online teaching environment for online teaching success. Here are some suggestions for creating an effective and engaging learning environment.

1. Choose an ideal place to conduct online classes:

While you teach English online make sure you’re in a calm and well-lit area for your online classes. This will help in minimizing disturbances and ensure that your students can see and hear you clearly.

2. Reduce Background noise:

Reduce background noise as much as possible. Close windows, turn off fans (If you have AC), and ask roommates and family members to be quiet during your lessons.

3. Use a virtual background: If you do not have a suitable background while you’re conducting class, consider using a virtual background. Numerous video conferencing tools provide virtual backgrounds that may help to create a professional and engaging learning environment.

4. Be Organized: Ensure that your lesson materials are organized and easily accessible by preparing them in advance. This will ensure that your classes run smoothly and effectively.

Teach English Online with the right TEFL teaching online props

Teaching English online can be a rewarding and fulfilling career with an online TEFL course, especially in today’s generation where the internet is the second home of everyone. However, it comes with its own set of unique challenges. You can create a fun, engaging, and productive learning environment for your students with the proper supplies and classroom props. With the help of above mentioned TEFL teaching online props and tools list you can create a perfect learning environment virtually for your students.


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