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5 Lifelong Benefits Of TEFL For Qualified Teachers

Being a teacher is a rewarding but difficult job. It's a means of introducing the world to children at their developmental stages or guiding a more sophisticated audience through difficult concepts. However, as a qualified teacher, you must feel like you have experienced everything that teaching has to offer to you.

However, earning a TEFL certificate allows you the same benefits of teaching in your home country while traversing the globe. So while you are in your prime position why not reap the benefits of having a TEFL certificate and experience the intricacies of foreign cultures while excelling in what you do best?

Advantages Of Being TEFL Certified As A Qualified Teacher

If you are wondering, ‘Do I still need TEFL if I am already qualified?’, here are some reasons why you must consider getting one:

  1. Get Paid While Travelling The World

    One of the most exciting careers is teaching English to foreigners. You essentially get paid to travel the world, experience various cultures firsthand, sample new foods, and take in breathtaking scenery. The offer seems too good to be true.  But aside from their TEFL certificate, the majority of TEFL teachers only meet the barest minimum requirements and don't hold any official teaching credentials.

    Why is it important to get TEFL trained
    Source: tesolcourseindia.com

    This implies that a new, competent teacher (like you) enters the market and immediately establishes themselves as a desirable candidate in the field. You will be able to work at the best schools as a qualified teacher, and you will be able to make far more money than the average TEFL graduate. A teacher with a teaching credential may also choose to work for international schools or universities, where they can be compensated well and receive a variety of benefits. These perks could include free lodging, reimbursed travel expenses, a salary exempt from taxes, and much more.

  2. Graph Your Career Progression

    Teaching English to speakers of other languages is an excellent way to learn about the subtle differences between cultures, make new friends, and constantly be exposed to something new every day. But a lot of these TEFLers fear that this time spent teaching abroad will harm their career at home, even though they are adding evidence of their international work experience, cross-cultural communication, and adaptability to their resume.

    However, the truth is that, as a certified teacher, you will be exploring the world and gaining real-world teaching experience. Whether you're an educator in Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, or Argentina, you're enjoying the advantages of living overseas while gaining experience that is directly relevant to your line of work.

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  3. Venture Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

    It can be a demanding job to teach in your native country, and perhaps you're seeking a change of scenery. Maybe all you need to ignite a spark in your life is to travel to a foreign country for work and disrupt your usual routine. Both teachers with years of experience and those who have just finished their education and are looking for a gap year can benefit greatly from TEFL. Whatever your situation, TEFL offers something fresh.

    You will encounter many challenges when you step outside of your comfort zone, but you will also discover things that will make you fall in love with travel. You'll gain a great deal of independence and cultural flexibility. Furthermore, you will have experienced a great deal of the world's uniqueness. You'll be a more competent and self-assured teacher when you get home.

  4. Learn And Understand Foreign Classroom Etiquette

    Even though you're the instructor and not the pupil, perhaps you can pick up some tips from the international classroom. Naturally, every nation or foreign classroom will exhibit its distinctive features. You might learn a great deal about something that exposes the shortcomings of the educational system in your native country.

    Alternatively, you might come to understand a particular aspect of how well the home learning environment works. It might even help you become more organized if you work at a private school or university with a demanding schedule. You'll also see how motivated students can be when they put in the effort! You will gain new insights into the foreign classroom setting no matter where you choose to go or what happens.

  5. Grasp A New Language

    It is a myth that you need to be speaking the local language of your recruited country as is not a requirement for teaching English abroad. To promote language development, employers and schools prefer that you speak English exclusively in the classroom.

    But teaching English overseas is also a great way to pick up a new language or hone your existing one. You are much more likely to succeed in learning a new language if you fully integrate yourself into the culture of the country you are visiting.

Achieve All Your Dreams With TEFL

Qualified teachers are in a unique position because they can teach English as a foreign language without changing their career path. Graduates of TEFL programs frequently take a sabbatical from their other, more stable careers to teach abroad.

Conversely, qualified teachers can travel the world and still acquire firsthand teaching experience. If you have a considerable teaching experience then an Advanced Diploma in TESOL/TEFL Program will open up the career path of your dreams.

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